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Eg. to prompt the user with a yes/no dialog: The general usage pattern is to call one of the toplevel *Dlg functions which return a *Builder structure. From here you can optionally call configuration functions (eg. Title) to customise the dialog, before using a launcher function to run the dialog.


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Simple cross-platform dialog API for go-lang


ok := dialog.Message("%s", "Do you want to continue?").Title("Are you sure?").YesNo()

Creates a dialog box titled "Are you sure?", containing the message "Do you want to continue?", a "Yes" button and a "No" button. Returns true iff the dialog could be displayed and the user pressed the "Yes" button.

filename, err := dialog.File().Filter("Mp3 audio file", "mp3").Load()

Creates a file selection dialog allowing the user to select a .mp3 file. The absolute path of the file is returned, unless an error is encountered or the user cancels/closes the dialog. In the latter case, filename will be the empty string and err will equal dialog.Cancelled.

filename, err := dialog.File().Filter("XML files", "xml").Title("Export to XML").Save()

Asks the user for a filename to write data into. If the user selects a file which already exists, an additional dialog is spawned to confirm they want to overwrite the existing file.

directory, err := dialog.Directory().Title("Load images").Browse()

Asks the user for a directory.

platform details

  • OSX: uses Cocoa's NSAlert/NSSavePanel/NSOpenPanel clasess
  • Win32: uses MessageBox/GetOpenFileName/GetSaveFileName (via package
  • Linux: uses Gtk's MessageDialog/FileChooserDialog (via package


Last updated on 23 Nov 2018

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