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A self-contained GoLang library that is capable of blocking ads,malwares and trackers using DNS Sinkholing. This libray can be integrated with different pre-existing cross-platform applications.

You can learn more about the project from the blogs at

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The detailed download and installation guide can be found at official website of Go.

For Linux:

# 1. Download Go Binary Archive

# 2. Extract it
tar -xzf go1.18.4.linux-amd64.tar.gz -C /usr/local/

# 3. Add PATH Variables
sudo nano /etc/profile
export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/go/bin
source /etc/profile

# 4. Check Go Version
go version

You can refer to the official documentation for setting GOPATH.

GoMobile & Gobind

After installing Go, we need gobind. Gobind is a tool that generates language bindings that make it possible to call Go functions from Java and Objective-C. It is called internally by gomobile which can help us build cross-platform applications.

go install

# To compile Android APK and IOS Apps
gomobile bind [-target android|ios|iossimulator|macos|maccatalyst] [-bootclasspath <path>] [-classpath <path>] [-o output] [build flags] [package]


To clone and build VPN-Hole Library:

git clone

cd vpn-hole


To load all of the packages in the main module:

# If go.mod and go.sum are present then,
# Run 
go mod tidy

If go.mod and go.sum are missing from the cloned repository, then:

# go mod init [module-path]
go mod init

Build & Run

To build the library and use it as a standalone:

# navigate to app/vpnhole

cd app/vpnhole

# build the library

go build

An executable binary file would be generated for the library.

On MacOSX Monterey you may encounter an build error like this

/Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/SDKs/MacOSX.sdk/usr/include/pthread.h:328:6: error: macro expansion producing 
'defined' has undefined behavior [-Werror,-Wexpansion-to-defined]
/Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/SDKs/MacOSX.sdk/usr/include/pthread.h:197:2: note: expanded from macro 

You can fix it by adapting the compiler flags, e.g. by prefixing go build with CGO_CPPFLAGS="-Wno-error -Wno-nullability-completeness -Wno-expansion-to-defined -Wbuiltin-requires-header".

On Ubuntu if you face an error saying:"Failed to serve DNS server: listen udp :53: bind: permission denied"

# see the services listening on port 53
sudo ss -lp "sport = :domain"
sudo lsof -i :53

You can see that Ubuntu has systemd-resolved listening on port 53 by default. This will prevent us from running our own DNS server To disable it temporarily and run our own server

# stop
sudo systemctl stop systemd-resolved
# disable
sudo systemctl disable systemd-resolved

To disable it permanently, uncomment and change DNSStubListener to no in /etc/systemd/resolved.conf; you can revert back everything to default if you stop using the vpn-hole library as a standalone. Also stop any other service which prevents from listening on port 53. Then, you can simply execute the binary file.

In Windows, an executable named- vpnhole.exe would be created.

# executing the binary

This would start the network wide DNS-level blocker on port 53.

Test the blocker

To check if the blocker is blocking malicious domains from the provided blacklist, run nslookup command and see the response:

# For example: '' is one of the domain in the blacklist

nslookup -port=53 localhost

Server:  UnKnown
Address:  ::1

Non-authoritative answer:
Addresses:  ::


To integrate the VPN-Hole Library with existing cross-platform applications, we will be using gomobile to compile and bind it.

# For binding with Android Platforms:

cd vpn-hole/vpnhole

# use gomobile to generate .aar:

gomobile bind -target='android' -o path/for/the/output/filename.aar -v path/for/vpnhole.go

For example: 
# Here pwd is path/vpn-hole/vpnhole

gomobile bind -target='android' -o vpn-hole.aar -v

# Similarly, GoMobile can be used to compile for other platforms like iOS (XCode is required):

gomobile bind -target='ios' -o path/for/the/output/filename.framework -v path/for/vpnhole.go

Adapting to Bitmask_core


This project is released under GNU GPLv3 License.See LICENSE file for details.


Last updated on 24 Oct 2022

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