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Package fbmsgr provides an API for interacting with Facebook Messenger. The first step is to create a new Messenger session. Do this as follows, replacing "USER" and "PASS" with your Facebook login credentials: Once you are done with a session you have allocated, you should call Close() on it to clear any resources (e.g. goroutines) that it is using. When sending a message, you specify a receiver by their FBID. The receiver may be another user, or it may be a group. For most methods related to message sending, there is one version of the method for a user and one for a group: To send or retract a typing notification, you might do: To send an attachment such as an image or a video, you can do the following: It is easy to receive events such as incoming messages using the ReadEvent method: With the EventStream API, you can get more fine-grained control over how you receive events. For example, you can read the next minute's worth of events like so: You can also create multiple EventStreams and read from different streams in different places. To list the threads (conversations) a user is in, you can use the Threads method to fetch a subset of threads at a time. For example, you can print out the IDs of every thread as follows:


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This is a wrapper around Facebook Messenger's internal AJAX protocol. This wrapper could be used for any number of cool things, such as:

  • Tracking your friends' Messenger activity.
  • Analyzing your conversations (e.g. keywords analysis)
  • Automating "Away" messages
  • Creating chat bots

Current status

Currently, the API is fairly reliable and can perform a bunch of basic functionalities. Here is a list of supported features (it may lag slightly behind the master branch):

  • Send textual messages to people or groups
  • Send attachments to people or groups
  • Receive messages with or without attachments
  • Send read receipts
  • Receive events for incoming messages
  • Receive events for friend "Last Active" updates
  • Set chat text colors (to arbitrary RGB colors)
  • List a user's threads.
  • List messages in a thread.
  • Send and receive typing events
  • Delete messages


  • Support emojis in threads (i.e. the like button)
  • In FullActionLog, remove all duplicates, incase two messages have the same timestamp.
  • Emoji/sticker transmission
  • Modifying chat preferences (emoji, nicknames, etc.)
  • View pending message requests
  • Create new group chats


This is under a BSD 2-clause license. See LICENSE.


Last updated on 04 Apr 2018

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