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Package couchdb is a driver for connecting with a CouchDB server over HTTP. Use the `couch` driver name when using this driver. The DSN should be a full URL, likely with login credentials: The CouchDB driver generally interprets kivik.Options keys and values as URL query parameters. Values of the following types will be converted to their appropriate string representation when URL-encoded: Passing any other type will return an error. The only exceptions to the above rule are: The CouchDB driver supports a number of authentication methods. For most uses, you don't need to worry about authentication at all--just include authentication credentials in your connection DSN: This will use Cookie authentication by default. To use one of the explicit authentication mechanisms, you'll need to use kivik's Authenticate method. For example: Normally, to include an attachment in a CouchDB document, it must be base-64 encoded, which leads to increased network traffic and higher CPU load. CouchDB also supports the option to upload multiple attachments in a single request using the 'multipart/related' content type. See As an experimental feature, this is now supported by the Kivik CouchDB driver as well. To take advantage of this capability, the `doc` argument to the Put() method must be either: With this in place, the CouchDB driver will switch to `multipart/related` mode, sending each attachment in binary format, rather than base-64 encoding it. To function properly, each attachment must have an accurate Size value. If the Size value is unset, the entirely attachment may be read to determine its size, prior to sending it over the network, leading to delays and unnecessary I/O and CPU usage. The simplest way to ensure efficiency is to use the NewAttachment() method, provided by this package. See the documentation on that method for proper usage. Example: To disable the `multipart/related` capabilities entirely, you may pass the `NoMultipartPut` option, with any value. This will fallback to the default of inline base-64 encoding the attachments. Example: If you find yourself wanting to disable this feature, due to bugs or performance, please consider filing a bug report against Kivik as well, so we can look for a solution that will allow using this optimization.


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Kivik CouchDB

CouchDB driver for Kivik.


This package provides an implementation of the interface. You must import the driver and can then use the full Kivik API. Please consult the Kivik wiki for complete documentation and coding examples.

package main

import (

    _ "" // The CouchDB driver

func main() {
    client, err := kivik.New(context.TODO(), "couch", "")
    // ...


This software is released under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license. See, or read the full license.


Last updated on 08 Jan 2020

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