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Package docked provides types and functionality for analyzing and linting Dockerfiles. docked uses the Docker buildkit parser to retrieve the AST of an input Dockerfile. It also provides a simple API for defining and registering rules for processing of the AST. All in-built rules are built upon this API. See those defined under the validations package. An external YAML configuration is supported by docked.Config. The configuration allows for ignoring in-built rules, overriding priority of in-built rules, as well as defining custom rules based on the validations.SimpleRegexRule structure. Invoking docked.Docked#Analysis will use the list of in-built validation rules, and return a docked.AnalysisResult. The result should be walked programmatically to generate a report. Please see reports under the reporting package for examples. The HTML and JSON reporters under the reporter package provide implementations for use in the accompanying cli tool for use in CI/CD pipelines.


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# docked

A Dockerfile linting tool which aims to pull many best practices and recommendations from multiple sources:

* Docker Official Documentation
* Community recommendations
* Package manager bug trackers

Check out the currently supported [rules](./

[![Apache 2.0 License](](./LICENSE)
![Go Version](
[![Go Build](](
![Docker Image Size (latest semver)](
[![Go Report Card](](
<!-- [![codecov](]( --> 

## tldr;

docked analyze ./Dockerfile

Successful Outputs:

Failure Outputs:

And, it's customizable. You can ignore, re-prioritize, or add custom rules via regex. There's also JSON and [HTML]( outputs.

## Install

### Binaries

Latest binary releases are available via [GitHub Releases](

### Homebrew

brew install jimschubert/tap/docked

### Docker

docker pull jimschubert/docked:latest

When running the docker image, be sure to mount and reference the sources appropriately. For example:

### Completions

After you've installed the binary either manually or via Homebrew, consider enabling completions for your shell. 

For instructions, view help for your target shell.

#### zsh

docked completion zsh --help

#### bash

docked completion bash --help

#### fish

docked completion fish --help

#### powershell

docked completion powershell --help

## Usage

$ docked analyze --help

Analyze a Dockerfile for issues
If not provided, FILE defaults to ./Dockerfile

  docked analyze [FILE] [flags]

  -h, --help                   help for analyze
  -i, --ignore strings         The lint ids to ignore
  -k, --no-buildkit-warnings   Whether to suppress Docker parser warnings
      --regex-engine string    The regex engine to use (regexp, regexp2) (default "regexp2")
      --report-type string     The type of reporting output (text, json, html) (default "text")

Global Flags:
      --config string   config file (default is $HOME/.docked.yaml)
      --viper           use Viper for configuration (default true)

Things to consider:

* Buildkit warnings should be disabled when piping output (for example when using `--report-type json`), but this is _not forced_
* The `regexp2` engine is default because it supports full regular expression syntax. Compare differences in [regexp2's README]( Note that `regexp2` patterns are not run in compatibility mode in docked, although that might change later.
* `viper` configuration is work-in-progress. Feel free to contribute.

## Configuration

The optional configuration file follows this example syntax:

  - D7:tagged-latest
  'D5:secret-aws-access-key': low
  - name: custom-name
    summary: Your custom summary
    details: Your additional rule details
    pattern: '.' # some regex pattern
    priority: critical
    command: add

## Build

Build a local distribution for evaluation using goreleaser (easiest).

goreleaser release --skip-publish --snapshot --rm-dist

This will create an executable application for your os/architecture under `dist`:

├── docked_darwin_amd64
│   └── docked
├── docked_linux_386
│   └── docked
├── docked_linux_amd64
│   └── docked
├── docked_linux_arm64
│   └── docked
├── docked_linux_arm_6
│   └── docked
└── docked_windows_amd64
    └── docked.exe

Build and execute locally using go:

* Get dependencies

go get -d ./...

* Build

go build -o docked ./cmd/docked/

* Run

./docked --help

## License

This project is [licensed](./LICENSE) under Apache 2.0.


Last updated on 16 Jan 2023

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