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Package pool provides a sync.Pool equivalent that buckets incoming requests to one of 32 sub-pools, one for each power of 2, 0-32.

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A variable size buffer pool for go.

Table of Contents

Use Case

Use this when you need to repeatedly allocate and free a bunch of temporary buffers of approximately the same size.

Advantages over GC

  • Reduces Memory Usage:

    • We don't have to wait for a GC to run before we can reuse memory. This is essential if you're repeatedly allocating large short-lived buffers.
  • Reduces CPU usage:

    • It takes some load off of the GC (due to buffer reuse).
    • We don't have to zero buffers (fewer wasteful memory writes).

Disadvantages over GC:

  • Can leak memory contents. Unlike the go GC, we don't zero memory.
  • All buffers have a capacity of a power of 2. This is fine if you either (a) actually need buffers with this size or (b) expect these buffers to be temporary.
  • Requires that buffers be returned explicitly. This can lead to race conditions and memory corruption if the buffer is released while it's still in use.


PRs are welcome!

Small note: If editing the Readme, please conform to the standard-readme specification.


MIT © Protocol Labs BSD © The Go Authors

The last gx published version of this module was: 0.1.3: QmQDvJoB6aJWN3sjr3xsgXqKCXf4jU5zdMXpDMsBkYVNqa


Package last updated on 01 Jul 2022

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