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mrclean is a library and tool to show images on the Tromsø display wall for the purpose of data cleaning. The code is divide in a library, mrclean, and few executables that are the Mr. Clean components. The components must start in the right order: chronicle, core, display and gesture. All the components need a config file, default is config.json, to be properly configured. Using different configurations for the different components will break things. Running all the components form the same directory will, by default, use the same configuration. The mrcrun executable find in the cmd directory is a convenience tool to run all the components in the right order. Different examples of config.json are in the repository. In the cmd/gesture dir there is one with some gesture configuration examples. The config file is a key/value storage. So far there are only two element stored layers, and circles. Layers represent the depth of the watch directory and the name of the metadata assigned by the user. It has to be a string containing the metaata concatenated by a path separator, on unix systems "/". Circles represents the circle gestures recognized by the gesture component. The value of the circles key object is a list of objects containig the parameter of the circles to be recognized, for example: The layout can be for now only Group or Sort. The order has to be a combination of the layers.


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Visualization is a key step in scientific analysis and understanding in many fields. Scientific studies often require development of software that produces visualizations. However, as a study proceeds, the software evolves, and both developers and expert users have to periodically ascertain how code modifications affect visualization output and hence the results of the study. To our knowledge, no current visualization framework enables tracking and comparison of the lineage of scientific visualizations. We describe an approach for comparing and maintaining the code for scientific analysis and modeling through interactive comparison of visualization output. We have realized this approach in a tool called Mr. Clean. This tool provides a framework for combining different visualization tools, interaction devices, and display middleware for visual comparisons on highresolution displays. Mr. Clean also provides user-configurable interactions supported by many devices. We provide use cases and a requirement analysis for our approach, and we describe the design and implementation of Mr. Clean.

Mr. Clean docs here


Last updated on 31 Oct 2014

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