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Package goidoit is an API client implementation written in Install using go get Initialize your API object and do stuff like get your idoit version or search stuff etc. for Debuging use and to disable TLS Certificate Verification (if you use self signed certs for i-doit)


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# i-doit-go-api/goidoit 

[![Go Report Card](](
[![Build Status](](
[![Built with Mage](](

is an [I-doit]( API client implementation written in [GOLANG](

Its focused on simplicity to create easy writable code for your projects.

the package supports:
- Login
- Requests
- Searching
- Getting object information by id, id slice, string or custom field
- creating, altering, deleting, archiving, quickpurging objects
- reports
- categories (only parts implemented) (wip)
- object\_type\_categories
- dialog

Other types of requests like
- object\_types (coming soon)
- object\_type\_groups (coming soon)
- objects\_by\_relation (coming soon)
- categories (category, category\_info) (wip)
- location\_tree
- workstation\_components
- logbook
- impact

are not implemented yet (and maybe never will) but can easily be implemented using the goidoit.Request function
there are some [advanced]( [examples]( of how to do this.

There is also a second repo [i-doit-go-tools]( where you can find some more scripts for special use-cases that can be used as an
even more advanced example :P.

## Installation

If you already installed GO on your system and configured it properly than its simply:

go get

If not follow [these instructions](

## Usage 

### Simple example

package main

import (

func main() {
  // create api object
  a, _ := goidoit.NewAPI("", "yourapikey")

  // or login using X-RPC-Auth (recommended)
  // a, _ := goidoit.NewLogin("", "yourapikey", "username", "password")

  // search for sth like test
  s, _ := a.Search("test")

  // thats it

### Advanced examples

There are more advanced [examples]( documented in the repo for common use cases.

## Code Documentation

You find the full [code documentation here](

## Code Testing

This library uses [mage]( for testing and coverage. 
After installing mage just run:

mage test

also code coverage in detail can be seen via browser by using

mage coverage

## Additional Informations

- [i-doit API documentation](
- [golang](
- [godoc](
- [golang playground](

This project uses [sematic versioning](

## Other great client implementations

- Benjamin Heisigs [i-doit-api-client-php](
- Dennis Stückens [i-doit-api-clients](

Thanks for your code inspirations!

## Contribution

Thank you for participating to this project.
Please see our [Contribution Guidlines]( for more information.


Last updated on 16 Aug 2021

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