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Package colors

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Go color manipulation, conversion and printing library/utility

this library is currently in development, not all color types such as HSL, HSV and CMYK will be included in the first release; pull requests are welcome.


Use go get.

go get

or to update

go get -u

Then import the validator package into your own code.

import ""

Usage and documentation

Please see for detailed usage docs.


hex, err := colors.ParseHEX("#fff")
rgb, err := colors.ParseRGB("rgb(0,0,0)")
rgb, err := colors.RGB(0,0,0)
rgba, err := colors.ParseRGBA("rgba(0,0,0,1)")
rgba, err := colors.RGBA(0,0,0,1)

// don't know which color, it was user selectable
color, err := colors.Parse("#000)

color.ToRGB()   // rgb(0,0,0)
color.ToRGBA()  // rgba(0,0,0,1)
color.ToHEX()   // #000000
color.IsLight() // false
color.IsDark()  // true

How to Contribute

There will always be a development branch for each version i.e. v1-development. In order to contribute, please make your pull requests against those branches.

If the changes being proposed or requested are breaking changes, please create an issue, for discussion or create a pull request against the highest development branch for example this package has a v1 and v1-development branch however, there will also be a v2-development brach even though v2 doesn't exist yet.

I am not a color expert by any means and am sure that there could be better or even more efficient ways to accomplish the color conversion and so forth and I welcome any suggestions or pull request to help!


Distributed under MIT License, please see license file in code for more details.


Package last updated on 08 Dec 2018

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