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Animated icons based on Carbon icons


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Carbon Icon Animations

This is a package of animated icons which mirrors the icons in Carbon Design System icons. It enables developers to import an animated icon directly from this library, in place of importing the existing static icon from the Carbon Design System library. The animated icons are implemented as React components. Since they do not make use of Carbon's icon components directly, they are not tied to a specific version of Carbon, and can be used in any React project.

Check out what the animations look like in this example app.

We will be adding onto this library one category at a time - the current release includes the Navigation icons and Operations icons. The Formatting icons are currently in progress, and toggle icons are being worked on as well.
If you want to request an icon/category to be animated, please open an issue using the New icon animation template. Working together with the Carbon team, we will prioritize the categories that will be most frequently used.

We will do our very best to keep these icons in sync with the Carbon icons but if there is a change to the Carbon icon, it may not yet be reflected in our library- if you encounter this, please open a Update icon animation issue to alert us.

Using the icons


To use the icons in your project, first install the package:

npm install @carbon/icons-motion


Example: How to import and use the icon component and CSS file from the package.

This example shows how to import one specific icon HomeMotion and use it a component in an app.


import { HomeMotion } from '@carbon/icons-motion' import '@carbon/icons-motion/dist/index.css' const myComponent = () => { <HomeMotion isAnimating={false} size={32} /> }

The component takes two props:

  • isAnimating is a boolean; to trigger the animation, change this prop to true
  • size is an integer which will set the width and height of the icon in px

Important Your app will need to update the isAnimating prop to true in order to make the icon animate. You can decide when/how this prop change should be triggered, depending on your specific use case.

Example: Here's how to make an icon animate on mouseEnter of the div with the className of icon-tile, similar to the examples shown in the demo app at ./example/src/components/NavigationSection folder.

Note in this example, all icons are imported as * so to use the specific icon, use <icons.IconName>


import React, { useState } from 'react' import * as icons from '@carbon/icons-motion' import '@carbon/icons-motion/dist/index.css' const [homeAnimating, setHomeAnimating] = useState(false) function App() { return ( <div className="App"> <div className='icon-tile' onMouseEnter={() => setHomeAnimating(true)} onMouseLeave={() => setHomeAnimating(false)} > <h3>Home</h3> <icons.HomeMotion isAnimating={homeAnimating} size={32} /> </div> </div>) } export default App;

Additional examples coming soon!


We welcome everyone who would like to contribute! Check out our Contribution guidelines to get started, and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

All Contributors table coming soon!


This library is in constant evolution, and we welcome any feedback to help it improve!

We'd especially love feedback in the following areas:

  • New icons needed - propose additional icons you would like to see animated
  • Animation feedback - too fast/slow/bouncy/whatever; conformance to existing animation guidelines
  • Package feedback - improvements to code quality, efficiency, dependencies etc related to the actual package icon components
  • Example app feedback - ideas on how to make the included demo app super engaging
  • Documentation feedback - Is the ReadMe clear? Did you have the information you needed to successfully edit/create icons, or use icons in your project?
  • Implementation feedback - Did the icons work for your use case? Did you need different props?


This effort is lead by the Animated Icon Workgroup members: @kristastarr, @johnbister, @Motion-Mike, @silvio-hajdin


Licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.


Last updated on 07 Mar 2023

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