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This is a new [**React Native**]( project, bootstrapped using [`@react-native-community/cli`](

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This is a new React Native project, bootstrapped using @react-native-community/cli.

Getting Started

Note: Make sure you have completed the React Native - Environment Setup instructions till "Creating a new application" step, before proceeding.

Step 1: Start the Metro Server

First, you will need to start Metro, the JavaScript bundler that ships with React Native.

To start Metro, run the following command from the root of your React Native project:

# using npm
npm start

# OR using Yarn
yarn start

Step 2: Start your Application

Let Metro Bundler run in its own terminal. Open a new terminal from the root of your React Native project. Run the following command to start your Android or iOS app:

For Android

# using npm
npm run android

# OR using Yarn
yarn android

For iOS

# using npm
npm run ios

# OR using Yarn
yarn ios

If everything is set up correctly, you should see your new app running in your Android Emulator or iOS Simulator shortly provided you have set up your emulator/simulator correctly.

This is one way to run your app — you can also run it directly from within Android Studio and Xcode respectively.

Step 3: Modifying your App

Now that you have successfully run the app, let's modify it.

  1. Open App.tsx in your text editor of choice and edit some lines.

  2. For Android: Press the R key twice or select "Reload" from the Developer Menu (Ctrl + M (on Window and Linux) or Cmd ⌘ + M (on macOS)) to see your changes!

    For iOS: Hit Cmd ⌘ + R in your iOS Simulator to reload the app and see your changes!

Congratulations! :tada:

You've successfully run and modified your React Native App. :partying_face:

Now what?


If you can't get this to work, see the Troubleshooting page.

Learn More

To learn more about React Native, take a look at the following resources:


Package last updated on 16 Jul 2024

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