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A simple bundler for TypeScript projects using TypeScript project references.


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A simple bundler for TypeScript projects using TypeScript project references.

This is a prototype! Please create an issue to give feedback.

Please see my other repo for some examples of TypeScript projects that demonstrate project references.

If you like this project, please star this repo and support my work

Run it on your project

Open a terminal and navigate to your main TypeScript project:

cd project-root/main-project

Your main project must use TypeScript project references to specify how it depends on shared TypeScript libraries.

First compile your project and it's dependencies:

npx tsc --build

Note the use of the --build argument. This causes dependent projects to be built as well.

Now install ts-project-bundle into your main project as a dev dependency:

npm install --save-dev ts-project-bundle

Now run ts-project-bundle against your main project:


ts-project-bundle automatically uses the current working directory as the main project. You can also specify the project directory with the --project=<dir> parameter.

ts-project-bundle automatically detects referenced TypeScript libraries and the root path that contains both the main project and all the referenced libraries. The root path is required because it is required to reconstitute the directories for the main project and the library projects in the bundle. You can override the automatic root directory using the --root=<dir> argument, use with care.

The main project directory and all library directories must be valid TypeScript projects and must each contains a tsconfig.json file.

ts-project-bundle automatically defaults the output directory for the bundle to ./out under the project directory. You can set this specifically using the --out=<dir> argument.


Here's how you might want to run this for a monorepo that contains microservices.

Directory structure:

some/path/my-application microservices/ # Each subdirectory contains a TypeScript microservice. microserviceA/ microserviceB/ libs/ # Each subdirectory contains a shared TypeScript library. libA/ libB/

Here's how we can bundle the code for microserviceA.

cd some/path/my-application/microservices/microserviceA npx tsc --build # Compiles the microservice and all references libraries. ts-project-bundler # Bundles combined code for microservice and libraries in the .out directory.

Build the test project

Clone this repo and then...

cd ts-project-bundle/test/test-project npm install npx tsc --build ts-project-bundle --root=../ --project=./ --out=../../out

Running it in development

Clone this repo and then...

cd ts-project-bundle npm install npm run start:dev


Last updated on 18 Dec 2022

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