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Turn your Zod schemas into configurable field arrays for easy integration with HTML, React, Vue, and more.

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Zod To Fields


Automate your form field generation with type safety.

Zod To Fields is a utility that effortlessly creates form fields from Zod schemas, ensuring TypeScript type safety and developer-friendly code completion.

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📚 Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Features
  3. Installation
  4. Usage
  5. API Reference
  6. Examples
  7. Contributing
  8. License

📑 Introduction

This library helps you convert Zod schemas to form fields, reducing boilerplate code and enforcing type safety.

⭐ Features

🛡️ Strong Type Safety with Zod and TypeScript

Eradicate runtime errors and ensure robust code with our TypeScript-based utility that flawlessly integrates with Zod schemas. Enjoy the benefits of type inference and static type checking in your form fields.

🧠 Intelligent Code Completion and Intellisense

Developer-friendly is our middle name! With strong typing, your IDE will become your best friend, providing invaluable code completion and Intellisense suggestions, making your development process faster and error-free.

🎓 Example for Code Completion

With a Zod schema like this:

const schema = z.object({
  name: z.string(),
  age: z.number(),
  isActive: z.boolean(),

The function createOptions will offer real-time attribute suggestions based on your Zod schema types.

const options = createOptions(schema)({
  // IDE suggestions here

💻 Installation

Ensure you have the power of Zod To Fields in your project by installing it via your preferred package manager:

# With npm
npm install zod-to-fields

# With Yarn
yarn add zod-to-fields

# With Pnpm
pnpm install zod-to-fields

🔔 Note: This package is optimized for ECMAScript modules (ESM). Ensure your environment supports ESM imports.

🚀 Usage

🌱 Basic Example

Generate form fields effortlessly:

import { z } from 'zod'
import { ztf } from 'zod-to-fields'

const schema = z.object({
  name: z.string(),
  age: z.number(),
  isActive: z.boolean(),

const options = ztf.createOptions(schema)({
  name: { label: 'Full Name' },
  age: { label: 'Your Age', type: 'number' },
  isActive: { label: 'Active Status', type: 'checkbox' },

const formFields = ztf.generateFields(schema, options)

🧙 Advanced Usage

Nested Schemas

For nested schemas, you can define a Zod schema as follows:

const schema = z.object({
  name: z.string(),
  lastName: z.string(),
  isAdult: z.boolean(),
  phoneNumber: z.string(),
  currency: z.enum(['USD', 'EUR', 'GBP']),
  colors: z.nativeEnum(Colors),
  email: z.string(),
  address: z.object({
    location: z.object({
      longitude: z.number(),
      latitude: z.number(),
    street: z.string(),
    city: z.string(),
    zip: z.string(),

Enums and Native Enums

The library also supports Zod's enum and nativeEnum types, allowing you to use either string-based or native TypeScript enums as options in your form fields.

📖 API Reference


 * Creates and manages field options based on a Zod schema.
 * @param initialSchema The initial Zod schema.
 * @returns An object containing methods for manipulating field options.
const options = createOptions(schema)
  • initialSchema: Your Zod schema object.
  • withFieldOptions: Method for setting field options.
  • build: Method for building the final options object.


 * Merges the provided field options with existing options.
 * @param fieldOptions The field options to merge.
 * @returns An object containing methods for further manipulation or to build the options. Chainable.
const { withFieldOptions, build } = createOptions(schema)
  /* field options */
  • fieldOptions: Object containing the attributes you want to customize.
  • Chainable methods for further manipulation.
Type Behavior
  • z.string() will generate field options of type InputStringFieldOptions, which is narrowed to allow string types like text, password, etc. You can override these settings with any other property which is a subset of Partial<InputHTMLAttributes<HTMLInputElement>>.

  • z.enum() and z.nativeEnum() will generate field options of type InputEnumFieldOptions, allowing you to specify options either as a select dropdown or as radio buttons.


 * Builds the final options object.
 * @returns The built options object.
const { build } = createOptions(schema).withFieldOptions({
  /* field options */
const finalOptions = build()

📂 Examples

Refer to the /examples folder for real-world scenarios and advanced usage.

🤝 Contributing

We love community contributions! For guidelines on how to contribute, please see

📜 License

This project is under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for more details.



Package last updated on 30 Jun 2024

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