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Yandex.Taxi Testsuite Package



What is testsuite

Testsuite is a microservice-oriented test framework written in Python based on pytest_.

Testsuite is written and supported by Yandex.Taxi_, and is used to test Yandex.Taxi microservices written in C++ and Python.

The principal suggested approach to testing - although not the only one - is black box, when the service is tested through http calls.

Direct read and write access from test to database is supported to enable precondition setup and result assertions.


Installation using pip_::

pip3 install yandex-taxi-testsuite

testsuite with mongodb support

pip3 install yandex-taxi-testsuite[mongodb]

testsuite with postgresql support

pip3 install yandex-taxi-testsuite[postgresql] pip3 install yandex-taxi-testsuite[postgresql-binary]

testsuite with redis support

pip3 install yandex-taxi-testsuite[redis]

testsuite with mysql support

pip3 install yandex-taxi-testsuite[mysql]

testsuite with clickhouse support

pip3 install yandex-taxi-testsuite[clickhouse]

testsuite with rabbitmq support

pip3 install yandex-taxi-testsuite[rabbitmq]

You can also include testsuite into your project as submodule, e.g.::

mkdir -p submodules git submodule add submodules/testsuite

Supported databases

Out-of-the-box testsuite supports the following databases:

  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • MySQL/MariaDB 10+
  • ClickHouse
  • RabbitMQ

Supported operating systems

Testsuite runs on GNU/Linux and macOS operating systems.

Principle of operation

Testsuite sets up the environment for the service being tested:

  • Testsuite starts any required databases (postgresql, mongo, redis).
  • Before each test, testsuite fills the database with test data.
  • Testsuite starts its own web server (mockserver), which mimics (mocks) microservices other than the one being tested.

Testsuite starts the microservice being tested in a separate process.

Testsuite then runs tests.

A test performs http requests to the service and verifies that the requests were processed properly.

A test may check the results of an http call by looking directly into the service's database.

A test may check whether the service has made calls to external services, as well as the order of calls and the data that was sent and received.

A test may check the internal state of the service as represented by the data the service sent to the test with the testpoint mechanism.

Source code

Testsuite open-source edition code is available here <>_.


For full documentation, including installation, tutorials, please see

Running testsuite


pytest3 ./tests

tests of example services::

cd docs/examples && make

.. _Yandex.Taxi: .. _pytest: .. _pip:


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