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Socket Roadmap

Here's how we're planning to make Socket the best tool to find and compare open source packages. Let us know if you have feature requests by joining our Discord server!

🚀 Shipped

  • 🔎 NPM Package Search – Search millions of npm packages
  • 💪 Real-time GitHub protection for JavaScript – Detect typo-squatting attacks (the #1 supply chain attack)


  • More detections in GitHub App – Detect 70+ issues, including malware, hidden code, typo-squatting, misleading packages, permission creep, and unmaintained/abandoned packages
  • Socket CLI – Use Socket data in your own scripts and workflows
  • Socket API – Use Socket data in your own scripts and workflows
  • Socket VSCode Plugin – Use Socket data directly where you write code


  • Enforcement – Proactively block supply chain attacks from entering your codebase


  • ❓ Let us know what we should work on by joining our Discord server!


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