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Socket CLI

Secure your software supply chain from the command line

Socket CLI transparently protects developers from malware, typosquats and supply chain attacks.

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Get a security report of an NPM package

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Safe NPM: Secure the command your team uses every day

Socket's "safe npm" CLI tool transparently wraps the npm command and protects developers from malware, typosquats, install scripts, protestware, telemetry, and more.

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Using safe npm to install dependencies

Congrats to Feross Aboukhadijeh and the Socket team on the progress and capital raise to accelerate growth. Defending open source from supply chain attacks is key for the future of enterprise software and technological innovation!

Frederic Kerrest

Founder and COO, Okta

Why use Socket CLI

Complete security of your projects in the command line

Create project health reports

Socket creates a project health report for your project. Uploads your package.json or package-lock.json

Secure your PR workflow

Run Socket on your CI/CD pipeline to create branches and deploy requests. Socket will create a report for you to review

Lookup package risks

Socket allows you look up supply chain risks for given version of a package in the ecosystem registry

The robust security solution your team needs

Socket protects your apps from supply chain attacks

Never lose another night's sleep over a security breach or incident. Equip your team with Socket to gain the confidence to ship, and maintain apps.

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