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Secure your JavaScript supply chain

Depend on Socket to protect your app from malicious dependencies lurking in your open source supply chain.

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Safeguarding leading organizations

Find and compare millions of open source packages

Quickly evaluate the security and health of any npm package.


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Detect and block software supply chain attacks

Unlike a traditional vulnerability scanner, Socket can actually detect an active supply chain attack and help you to block it. Socket detects over 60 issues in open source code, for comprehensive protection.

AI detected malware

Bidirectional unicode control characters

Bin script confusion

Bin script shell injection

Chronological version anomaly

Debug access

Dynamic require

Empty package

Environment variable access

Filesystem access

29 more issues

Detect suspicious package updates in real-time

Prevent compromised or hijacked packages from infiltrating your supply chain by monitoring changes to package.json in real-time.

Why developers love Socket

Pro-active security

Depend on Socket to prevent malicious open source dependencies from infiltrating your app.

Easy to install

Install the Socket GitHub App in less than 5 minutes and get protected today.

Comprehensive open source protection

Block 60+ issues in open source code, including malware, typo-squatting, hidden code, misleading packages, permission creep, and more.

Develop faster

Reduce work by surfacing actionable security information directly in GitHub. Empower developers to make better decisions.

Living in a hacker’s paradise

'2021 was the year attackers took notice of the opportunity hiding in the open source supply chain. Supply chain attacks rose a whopping 650% in 2021 with over 12,000 recorded attacks.

Jan 06, 2022

Maintainer intentionally adds malware

Rogue maintainer sabotages his own open source package with 100M downloads/month, notably breaking Amazon's AWS SDK.

Nov 15, 2021

npm discovers a platform vulnerability allowing unauthorized publishing of any package

Attackers could publish new versions of any npm package without authorization for multiple years.

Oct 22, 2021

Hijacked package adds cryptominers and password-stealing malware

Multiple packages with 30M downloads/month are hijacked and publish malicious versions directly into the software supply chain.

Nov 26, 2018

Package hijacked adding organization specific backdoors

Obfuscated malware added to a dependency which targeted a single company, went undetected for over a week, and made it into their production build.

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