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Developer security for teams of all sizes

Simple, transparent pricing that grows with your team.



per month,
per developer

For open-source projects, individuals, and small teams.

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Visibility.Detect 70+ red flags (including malware) in open source dependencies

Proactive supply chain protection.Warn developers when risky dependencies are added to a pull request

Content-based analysis.Detect malicious code and risky behavior (e.g. network) in your dependencies

Educate developers.Catch risky changes and give developers a "speed bump" to encourage good behavior

Unlimited public repos.Limited to 1 private repo



per month,
per developer

For growing teams with enhanced scale, security, and support.

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All Features in Free, plus:

Unlimited private repos.

Up to 25 developers.

Block bad dependencies.Prevent risky dependencies from entering your codebase with blocking rules

Org-Wide Dependency Search.Query for any dependency across your organization

Slack Alerts.Get notified when new malware or vulnerabilities are found

Dedicated support.8x5 Email

Enterprise + Business


Unlimited scale, self-hosting, and priority support for large teams.

All Features in Team, plus:

Access to all languages.Including support for enterprise Java (coming soon)

Enterprise security.Single Sign-on (SSO/SAML), Role-based Access Control

On-premise.Run Socket on-premises or in your own cloud environment

Unlimited REST API.Full-featured enterprise-ready API supporting token scopes, and all product functionality

Migration assistance.We will help you migrate from your current solution

Priority support with SLA.Email and dedicated private Slack channel

Protecting the best engineering teams in the world

Feature Comparison

Get started
Get started
Enterprise + Business
Get started
Up to 5 developers
Up to 25 developers
Language support
JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Go
JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Go
JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Go, Enterprise Java (coming soon)
Public repositories
Private repositories
1 private repository
Content-based Dependency Analysis
Known Vulnerabilities (CVEs)
Project Health Report
Compare packages
Organization-Wide Dependency Search
Direct deps
Direct + transitive deps
Direct + transitive deps
SBOM dependencies
1,000 dependencies
1,000,000 dependencies
1,000,000 dependencies
Threat feed
30 items
Unlimited access
Unlimited access
Prevention & Enforcement
Educate developers about security risks
Developer speed bumps
Block risky dependencies
Warn + Block
Prevent attacks during local development (”safe npm”)
Per repo
Per repo
Full machine protection
License Enforcement (coming soon)
Realtime Alerts
GitHub alerts
Slack alerts
Microsoft Teams alerts
CI/CD pipeline integration
GitHub SCM
Socket CLI
VS Code IDE plugin
Management & Reporting
Reporting data retention
30 days
365 days
Project tags (coming soon)
500 quota / hour
5,000 quota / hour
API Token(s)
1 token
1 token
Security & Compliance
Data encryption in transit and at rest
SOC2 Type II compliant
Access to full SOC2 Type II report
Single-sign on (SSO/SAML)
Role-based Access Control
On-premise deployment
Audit Log
Community support
Dedicated support
Priority Email + Dedicated Slack Channel
Dedicated account manager
Migration assistance

Frequently Asked

How are the number of developers measured?

A developer is someone who made a commit to your organization's repository scanned by Socket in the past month.

Is there special pricing for early stage startups?

We love startups! To get access to special pricing, contact us!

Is private source code shared with Socket?

No. Your source code never leaves your computer or your CI environment. Only your list of dependencies are sent to Socket's service.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards on all plans; ACH/Wire on Enterprise plans. Your payment info is stored and processed securely by Stripe, a PCI Level 1 certified payments provider, and never touches our servers.

Do you support manual invoicing?

Yes. We can do manual invoicing for all Enterprise plans.

Can I cancel the subscription anytime?

Yes. You can downgrade or cancel your subscription anytime. When you cancel, you'll still have access to the plan's features for the time you've already paid for. After that period, your account will be downgraded to the Free plan.

Is there a discount available for yearly plans?

Yes. If you choose to pay annually, you’ll save up to 20% compared to paying monthly. We offer volume based discounts for Enterprise plans.

What happens when I change plans?

Upgrading or downgrading your plan works similarly to adding and removing users. Your account will be charged or credited based on the percentage of the billing cycle left at the time the plan was changed.

Are the prices inclusive of taxes?

Yes. All prices mentioned are inclusive of taxes.

Do I have to pay for open-source projects?

No. Socket is built on open-source software. Every developer on the Socket team is an open source maintainer so we are committed to supporting the open source community. Socket is and will always be free to use for open-source. If you want a free Team account for your open-source project, contact us.

What is priority support?

Priority support means that your support tickets will be prioritized first. We will also provide you with a dedicated account manager.

I still have questions.

Please reach out to us and we'll get back to you within 1 business day.

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