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Socket Dependency Search

Search dependencies across your repos

Get visibility and control over your open source dependencies, across your whole organization

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Socket Dependency Search

Huge congrats to @SocketSecurity! 🙌 Literally the only product that proactively detects signs of JavaScript compromised packages.

Elena Nadolinski

Founder and CEO at Iron Fish

Why use Socket Dependency Search

Proactively search and detect dependencies across repos

Find Malware

Confirm in seconds whether your project contains critical malwares, and sleep a little better at night.

Detect Undisclosed Vulnerabilities

Gain the power to proactively spot packages that harbor privately-reported vulnerabilities

Operationalize SBOMs

Get actionable insights and recommendations for your project dependencies and SBOMs

The robust security solution your team needs

Socket protects your apps from supply chain attacks

Never lose another night's sleep over a security breach or incident. Equip your team with Socket to gain the confidence to ship, and maintain apps.

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