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Package wire contains directives for Wire code generation. For an overview of working with Wire, see the user guide at The directives in this package are used as input to the Wire code generation tool. The entry point of Wire's analysis are injector functions: function templates denoted by only containing a call to Build. The arguments to Build describes a set of providers and the Wire code generation tool builds a directed acylic graph of the providers' output types. The generated code will fill in the function template by using the providers from the provider set to instantiate any needed types.


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# Wire: Automated Initialization in Go

[![Build Status](][travis]

Wire is a code generation tool that automates connecting components using
[dependency injection][]. Dependencies between components are represented in
Wire as function parameters, encouraging explicit initialization instead of
global variables. Because Wire operates without runtime state or reflection,
code written to be used with Wire is useful even for hand-written

For an overview, see the [introductory blog post][].

[dependency injection]:
[introductory blog post]:

## Installing

Install Wire by running:

go get

and ensuring that `$GOPATH/bin` is added to your `$PATH`.

## Documentation

- [Tutorial][]
- [User Guide][]
- [Best Practices][]
- [FAQ][]

[Tutorial]: ./_tutorial/
[Best Practices]: ./docs/
[FAQ]: ./docs/
[User Guide]: ./docs/

## Project status

As of version v0.3.0, Wire is *beta* and is considered feature complete. It
works well for the tasks it was designed to perform, and we prefer to keep it
as simple as possible.

We'll not be accepting new features at this time, but will gladly accept bug
reports and fixes.

## Community

For questions, please use [GitHub Discussions](

This project is covered by the Go [Code of Conduct][].

[Code of Conduct]: ./
[go-cloud mailing list]:!forum/go-cloud


Last updated on 26 Jan 2021

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