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# Get started
`hd` is a HTTP download tool.

Install it via: `brew install linuxsuren/linuxsuren/hd`

Or download it directly (for Linux):

Or download it via proxy:

for Windows users (you might need to add this program into the Windows Defence exclude list):
winget install 'HTTP downloader'

Want to go through the code? [GitPod]( definitely can help you.

# Usage

## Download
hd get --thread 6

Or use a simple way instead of typing the whole URL:

hd get mde

Or you might want to download a pre-released binary package from GitHub:

hd get --pre ks

## Install
You can also install a package from GitHub:

#!title: Install mde with specific threads
hd install mde -t 6

or install by a category name:

hd install --category security

## Search
hd can download or install via the format of `$org/$repo`. If you find that it's not working. It might because of there's 
no record in [hd-home]( You're welcome to help us to maintain it.

When you first run it, please init via: `hd fetch`

then you can search it by a keyword: `hd search jenkins`

## Use multi-stage builds
Do you want to download tools in the Docker builds? It's pretty easy. Please see the following example:

FROM as downloader
RUN hd install kubesphere-sigs/ks@v0.0.50

FROM alpine:3.10
COPY --from=downloader /usr/local/bin/ks /usr/local/bin/ks
CMD ["ks"]

## As a library
You can import it from ``, then put the following code to your CLI. 
It can help you to download desired tools:

is := installer.Installer{
    Provider: "github",
if err = is.CheckDepAndInstall(map[string]string{
    "ks": "linuxsuren/ks",
    "kk": "kubekey",
}); err != nil {

## Install other services
It supports to install other services, for example: `bitbucket`.

hd install bitbucket

# Features
* go library for HTTP
* multi-thread
* continuously (TODO)
* GitHub release asset friendly

## Release

This project can be released via [linuxsuren-versions](

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Last updated on 05 Jan 2024

Did you know?

Socket installs a GitHub app to automatically flag issues on every pull request and report the health of your dependencies. Find out what is inside your node modules and prevent malicious activity before you update the dependencies.


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