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A reasonably complete and well-tested golang port of Kenneth Reitz's httpbin service, with zero dependencies outside the go stdlib.

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Run as a standalone binary, configured by command line flags or environment variables:

$ go-httpbin -help
Usage of ./dist/go-httpbin:
  -max-duration duration
        Maximum duration a response may take (default 10s)
  -max-memory int
        Maximum size of request or response, in bytes (default 1048576)
  -port int
        Port to listen on (default 8080)

Docker images are published to Docker Hub:

$ docker run -P mccutchen/go-httpbin

The package can also be used as a library for testing an applications interactions with an upstream HTTP service, like so:

package httpbin_test

import (


func TestSlowResponse(t *testing.T) {
    handler := httpbin.NewHTTPBin().Handler()
    srv := httptest.NewServer(handler)
    defer srv.Close()

    client := http.Client{
        Timeout: time.Duration(1 * time.Second),
    _, err := client.Get(srv.URL + "/delay/10")
    if err == nil {
        t.Fatal("expected timeout error")


go get

Motivation & prior art

I've been a longtime user of Kenneith Reitz's original, and wanted to write a golang port for fun and to see how far I could get using only the stdlib.

When I started this project, there were a handful of existing and incomplete golang ports, with the most promising being ahmetb/go-httpbin. This project showed me how useful it might be to have an httpbin library available for testing golang applications.

Known differences from other httpbin versions

Compared to the original:

  • No /brotli endpoint (due to lack of support in Go's stdlib)
  • The ?show_env=1 query param is ignored (i.e. no special handling of runtime environment headers)
  • Response values which may be encoded as either a string or a list of strings will always be encoded as a list of strings (e.g. request headers, query params, form values)

Compared to ahmetb/go-httpbin:

  • No dependencies on 3rd party packages
  • More complete implementation of endpoints


# local development
make test
make testcover
make run

# building & pushing docker images
make image
make imagepush


Last updated on 14 Oct 2017

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