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Server side CRM instance


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When run, will:

  1. Store its blocks on disk
  2. Begin listening on the given address
  3. Load up SSL certs from a .env file
  4. publish its multiaddresses to console
  5. install bar bones version of the CRM.
  6. populate the sector data
  7. optionally generate fake customer data and progressively insert it

To deploy this onsite:

  1. install pm2
  2. If on windows, use pm2 installer
  3. Set SSL keys in a config file
  4. pm2 install @dreamcatcher-tech/crm-pm2 to pull down the latest version from npm and run it

Server options

--faker 123 Generate fake data, using the given number of customers

--port 1234 Listen on the given port number, or use a default random one

--admin rootChainId Supply a chainId to allow to connect without being authd

repo required as this is installed globally, so must say where the repo will be. KV store is in repo/interpulse/.

.env provided as a file which holds SSL keys. If a .env file is found at the same place as the repo, it will be loaded ie: repo/.env will be loaded.

Upgrade process

  1. Halt pm2
  2. zip up a copy of the db files for backup
  3. probably pm2 install @dreamcatcher-tech/crm-pm2 to upgrade the installed package
  4. Connect using dev version of the webapp for testing
  5. publish the webapp if passes testing

Generating SSL certs

docker run -it --rm --name certbot -v "./certbot:/etc/letsencrypt" -v "./.aws/config:/root/.aws/config" certbot/dns-route53 certonly -d <DNS NAME HERE> --agree-tos

Following instructions at https://medium.com/w-logs/generate-standalone-ssl-certificate-with-lets-encrypt-for-aws-route-53-25a30ca3062 and https://certbot-dns-route53.readthedocs.io/en/stable/

Using SSL in dev environment

If a non self signed cert is used, then chrome will reject it until the browser is navigated to or whatever the Engine is listening on, and then the cert is accepted.

It will fail without useful warnings before this step is completed.


Last updated on 30 Mar 2023

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