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A frontend library for an Open edX learning assistant.

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frontend-lib-learning-assistant ###############################

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This React library is the Learning Assistant frontend library. It provides the frontend code for a Learning Assistant tool. This tool is meant to be installed into the Learning micro-frontend (MFE)_.

This library is currently a work in progress, so documentation is not complete.

.. _Learning micro-frontend (MFE):

Getting Started

Devstack Installation

This library is intended for use with the Learning MFE_. Please follow instructions for running the Learning MFE as documented in the repository README.

.. _Learning MFE:


This library is intended for use with the Learning MFE. In order to install a local checkout of this library into the Learning MFE instead of from npm, follow the documentation for local module development_ in the Learning MFE_.

If you are planning to run the Learning MFE_ in devstack, be sure to clone this repository into a src subdirectory of your devstack workspace directory so that the code is properly mounted into the Learning MFE_ Docker container. You will need to update the dir key in your module.config.js file appropriately. See the Mounting frontend packages from src directory_ ADR in the devstack_ repository for further details.

If you want to install a local checkout of this library into the Learning MFE, follow the documentation mentioned above. However, if you want do active development on this library and wish to see your changes immediately reflected in the Learning MFE, then you will need to modify your module.config.js to reference the src directory of this repository in the dist key instead of the dist directory. Below is an example module.config.js for this use case. If you set up your module.config.js this way, your changes will be picked up by the Learning MFE_ via the hot module reloading process.::

module.exports = { localModules: [ { moduleName: '@edx/frontend-lib-learning-assistant', dir: '../src/frontend-lib-learning-assistant', dist: 'src' }, ], };

.. _devstack: .. _Learning MFE: .. _local module development: .. _Mounting frontend packages from src directory:


.. note::


Explicitly list anything that this MFE requires to function correctly. This includes:

  • A list of both required and optional .env variables, and how they each affect the functioning of the MFE

  • A list of edx-platform feature and waffle flags_ that are either required to enable use of this MFE, or affect the behavior of the MFE in some other way

  • A list of IDAs or other MFEs that this MFE depends on to function correctly

.. _feature and waffle flags:


Getting Help

If you are interested in using this repository, please contact


The code in this repository is licensed under the AGPLv3 unless otherwise noted.

Please see LICENSE <LICENSE>_ for details.


This repo is not currently accepting contributions.

The Open edX Code of Conduct

All community members are expected to follow the Open edX Code of Conduct_.

.. _Open edX Code of Conduct:

Reporting Security Issues

Please do not report security issues in public. Email instead.


Last updated on 11 Jun 2024

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