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The Uploader component lets you upload files and see progress.


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The Uploader component lets you upload files and see progress.


yarn add @paprika/uploader

or with npm:

npm install @paprika/uploader



a11yTextstringfalsenullAccessible message for the input[type="file"].
supportedMimeTypesarrayOffalse["/"]An array of accepted file extensions and/or MIME types. Note that Microsoft MIME types don't seem to be enforced.
canChooseMultipleboolfalsetrueWhen false the uploader only accept one file per upload.
childrennodetrue-children nodes
isDisabledboolfalsefalseIs uploader disabled.
endpointstringtrue-The url that will be use to upload the files.
hasAutoUploadboolfalsetrueOn true will upload the file as soon they are selected or dropped
isBodyDroppableboolfalsetrueWhen true the user will be able to drop files at any part of the document.body. On false will only receive files dropped exactly on the FileInput area.
maxFileSizenumberfalseoneMebibyte * 10Size in Mebibytes which is used for comparing each file that will be uploaded.
onChangefuncfalse() => {}This callback fires every time the input value has been changed.
onCompletedfuncfalse() => {}Will fire once all files have been processed with the files as parameter.
headersarrayOffalse[]you can pass an array of header objects.
onProcessedfuncfalse() => {}This callback fires when uploading is about to start (all files have been processed to see if they are valid type/size).
onRequestfuncfalsenullLet you to take over the request method
onErrorfuncfalsenullCallback fired whenever an error occurs while uploading a file. It receives the raw server error as an argument. Whatever this function returns is what is displayed in the UI. If nothing is returned, it will display the raw server error.
onCancelfuncfalse() => {}Callback fired when the user cancels an uploading file.
zIndexnumberfalse1z-index for popovers inside the uploader.


import { UploaderContext } from "@paprika/uploader/lib/Uploader" function YourUI() { const { /*provided by context*/ cancelFile, FileInput, files, isCompleted, isDisabled, isDraggingOver, isDragLeave, removeFile, upload, } = React.useContext(UploaderContext); return ( <> <FileInput> <div css={yourStyle}>FILE INPUT ZONE</div> </FileInput> {files.length ? ( <ul> {files.map(file => ( <li>{file.filename}</li> ))} </ul> ) : null} </> ); } function App() { return ( <Uploader> <YourUI /> </Uploader>; ) }



Size in Mebibytes which is used for comparing each file that will be uploaded you can make use of Uploader.convertUnitsToMebibytes() for easily converting units to Mebibyes ex. Uploader.convertUnitsToMebibytes(4) => 4194304 (close to 4MB);


You can pass an array of header objects ex.

<Uploader headers={[{ "API-Key": "your-api-key" }, { Accept: "application/json" }, { "X-CSRF-Token": "your-token"} ]} ...> {({...}) => <YourUI />} </Uploader>


import { UploaderContext } from "@paprika/uploader";

  • children you can pass a component which can consume the Context provided.
  • FileInput The input[type="file"] element ready to be consumed
  • files A enhance list of the user selected files
  • isCompleted Is true when all files have been processed
  • isDisabled Describe the status of the component
  • isDragLeave Will be true if a dragOver event occurred and leave the droppable area
  • isDraggingOver Is True when detecting the user is dragging files over the droppable area
  • removeFile removeFile(key) will remove a file from the files list, this function doesn't work while the file is on PROCESSING state.
  • cancelFile cancelFile(key) stop the request cycle keep in mind that if it's on WAITINGFORSERVER state the server might save the file even if - the request has been cancel
  • upload upload() give you the option to manually upload the files if the consumer decided to not use hasAutoUpload

FileInput Component

The <FileInput>{children}</FileInput> is a ready to use component which is passed down by the <Uploader /> context. This component has attached accessibility and attributes required to make it work correctly, you can pass any children to beautify their aspect, keep in mind that is already an input[type='file'] so avoid putting a <Button /> component or a <button /> element as a children, just make it look like one.


The Uploader provides a endpoint prop which you can use to point the url of the service you want to reach, Ex. <Uploader endpoint="https://yoururl.com/api/upload" ...


The Uploader automatically handle the on focus circle when using the <FileInput /> component on it.

  • it should notify when start uploading the files and when finishing processing the files.
  • Storybook Showcase
  • GitHub source code
  • Create GitHub issue


Last updated on 25 Feb 2023

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