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A parser for hl7 version 2 messages. Creates json from v2 messages, and creates v2 messages from json.


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This is Redox's battle-tested in-house HL7v2 parser/generator.

HL7 Version 2 (HL7v2)

HL7’s Version 2.x (V2) Messaging Standard is the most ubiquitous healthcare data exchange standard. This module converts HL7v2 messages to and from a JSON representation.


The parser/generator can be used to convert a wide range of HL7v2 messages from the delimited HL7v2 format to a schema-fied JSON version. When messages don't match the schema, the module supports a custom schema. See Custom Schemas below for more information.


const rawData = `MSH|^~\&|||...`; const hl7v2 = require('node-hl7-v2'); const parser = new hl7v2.Parser(); const jsonData = parser.parse(rawData);


const ackJSON = { "MSH": { "0": "MSH", "1": "|", "2": "^~\\&", "3": { "1": "CHERDABEE" }, "5": { "1": "REDOX" }, "6": { "1": "RDX" }, "7": { "1": "20150915004731" }, "9": { "1": "ACK", "2": "S12" }, "10": "20150915004731", "11": { "1": "T" }, "12": { "1": "2.3" } }, "MSA": { "0": "MSA", "1": "AA", "2": "1" } }; const hl7v2 = require('node-hl7-v2'); const generator = new HL7v2.Generator(); const data = generator.write(ackJSON); //`MSH|^~\\&|CHERDABEE||REDOX|RDX|20150915004731||ACK^S12|20150915004731|T|2.3|||||||||\rMSA|AA|1||||\r`

Understanding the HL7v2 schema

Our approach to parsing/generating HL7 is schema-driven. The Schema is based on the HL7v2 specification. The best way to understand it is through the schema folder:

schema/ index.js - entry point to access the schema dataTypes/ - contains definitions for each "Data Type" in HL7v2 (See chapter 2A) fields/ - contains a definition for each field. Each file is named <Segment>.<Field Number> messages/ - contains the actual structure for each message definition, this file also contains "Groups" segments/ - contains definitions of which fields are in a segment structure/ - contains a map from HL7 message/event type to structure definition.


There are many events defined in HL7, but some share the same structure. For example ADT^A01 and ADT^A04 both have the same ADT^A01 structure.

Once the structure is identified the code looks at the corresponding schema in schema/messages. Each message definition is object where the properties are "Segment Groups". The Group with the same name as the message type is the root. So in ORU_R01.json, the ORU_R01 property has exactly 1 required MSH segment, unlimited SFT segments, and a PATIENT_RESULT group.

{ ... "ORU_R01": { "elements": [ { "minOccurs": "1", "maxOccurs": "1", "segment": "MSH" }, { "minOccurs": "0", "maxOccurs": "unbounded", "segment": "SFT" }, { "minOccurs": "1", "maxOccurs": "unbounded", "group": "PATIENT_RESULT" }, { "minOccurs": "0", "maxOccurs": "1", "segment": "DSC" } ] } }

Overriding the schema

Existing HL7v2 implementations don't often respect rules about segment groups and segment order, so custom schemas can be used at will. Pass a JSON object to the constructor of either the parser or the generator to use a custom Schema. It will get merged with the existing schema.

Examples of custom schemas can be found here:

HL7 Trademark and IP Statement

HL7® and HEALTH LEVEL SEVEN® are trademarks owned by Health Level Seven International. HL7® and HEALTH LEVEL SEVEN® are registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.



Last updated on 03 Sep 2018

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