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Modern event listener for efficient web applications based on subscribe-publish pattern.


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A TypeScript sourced event listener for efficient applications based on the subscribe-publish pattern, less than 900 bytes when minified and packs a surprising amount of power.


  • EventListener is TypeScript sourced;
  • EventListener makes use of the native Map to subscribe/register or unsubscribe/remove listeners, which is perfect since we need to make sure the exact listeners are added/removed; this completely invalidates the need to deconstruct function objects for comparison's sake to make sure event listeners are properly handled;
  • EventListener allows you to register multiple listeners for the same target, even of the same type, but always uses a single globalListener to call them all at once when event is triggered;
  • EventListener "should" be able to manage event options, especially once, meaning that when the option is true, the listener is automatically un-subscribed and detached from target;
  • EventListener will unsubscribe and detach listeners with the same options used when attached, which means you can "lazy" remove listeners on the fly.


npm i @thednp/event-listener


<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@thednp/event-listener/dist/event-listener.js"></script>


import * as Listener from '@thednp/event-listener'; // execute a listener once Listener.on(document, 'DOMContentLoaded', () => { console.log('document is now loaded'); }, { once: true }, ); // add a listener with `useCapture: false` function handleMyClick(e) { if (e.target.tagName === 'button') { e.preventDefault(); e.stopImmediatePropagation(); } console.log('do something else instead'); } Listener.on(document, 'click', handleMyClick, false); // remove a listener, `EventListener` will get listener options from registry Listener.off(document, 'click', handleMyClick); // add listener to `window`, this listener has no name and cannot be removed Listener.on(window, 'scroll', () => console.log(window.scrollY));

Since we're implementing Map, you can make use of its prototype to access registry:

// get element listener registry const documentClickListeners = Listener.registry['click'].get(document); // returns Map(1) { Entries(Array) => [ 0: { key: handleMyClick() // listener value: false // listener options } ], size: 1, // size of the Map prototype: [Prototype(Object)] } // check if element has listener if (documentClickListeners && documentClickListeners.has(handleMyClick)) { // do something about it } // check if a listener is the one you're looking for if (documentClickListeners) { const [eventListener] = documentClickListeners; if (eventListener === handleMyClick) { // do something about it } } // get listener options const myListenerOptions = documentClickListeners && documentClickListeners.get(handleMyClick); // returns false, which is the `useCapture` option value added for `handleMyClick`

Advanced Use

You can also make use of "tree shaking" to import only the module you want, for instance:

import { on } from '@thednp/event-listener'; on(document, handleMyClick, true);

For more advanced use, check out the demo, showcasing the EventListener usage with a demo component.

Run the tests suite (new)

  • Download the package from Github;
  • unpack/unzip and open the folder with your editor;
  • open your terminal and navigate to the root of the unpacked folder;
  • run npm install or npm update, takes a few minutes to download the Electron browser;
  • run npm run cypress to open the Cypress console OR npm run test to run the tests in headless mode.


EventListener is released under the MIT License.



Last updated on 18 Mar 2023

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