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TypeScript scope analyser for ESLint


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5.45.0 (2022-11-28)

Bug Fixes

  • eslint-plugin: [array-type] --fix flag removes parentheses from type (#5997) (42b33af)
  • eslint-plugin: [keyword-spacing] prevent crash on no options (#6073) (1f19998)
  • eslint-plugin: [member-ordering] support private fields (#5859) (f02761a)
  • eslint-plugin: [prefer-readonly] report if a member's property is reassigned (#6043) (6e079eb)
  • scope-manager: add support for TS4.9 satisfies expression (#6059) (44027db)
  • typescript-estree: stub out ts.SatisfiesExpression on old TS versions (#6076) (1302b30)


  • eslint-plugin: [member-ordering] add a required option for required vs. optional member ordering (#5965) (2abadc6)
  • support Auto Accessor syntax (#5926) (becd1f8)



TypeScript Scope Manager

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This is a fork of eslint-scope, enhanced to support TypeScript functionality. You can view the original license for the code here.

This package is consumed automatically by @typescript-eslint/parser. You probably don't want to use it directly.

Getting Started

You can find our Getting Started docs here


$ yarn add -D typescript @typescript-eslint/scope-manager $ npm i --save-dev typescript @typescript-eslint/scope-manager


analyze(tree, options)

Analyses a given AST and returns the resulting ScopeManager.

interface AnalyzeOptions { /** * Known visitor keys. */ childVisitorKeys?: Record<string, string[]> | null; /** * Which ECMAScript version is considered. * Defaults to `2018`. * `'latest'` is converted to 1e8 at parser. */ ecmaVersion?: EcmaVersion | 1e8; /** * Whether the whole script is executed under node.js environment. * When enabled, the scope manager adds a function scope immediately following the global scope. * Defaults to `false`. */ globalReturn?: boolean; /** * Implied strict mode (if ecmaVersion >= 5). * Defaults to `false`. */ impliedStrict?: boolean; /** * The identifier that's used for JSX Element creation (after transpilation). * This should not be a member expression - just the root identifier (i.e. use "React" instead of "React.createElement"). * Defaults to `"React"`. */ jsxPragma?: string; /** * The identifier that's used for JSX fragment elements (after transpilation). * If `null`, assumes transpilation will always use a member on `jsxFactory` (i.e. React.Fragment). * This should not be a member expression - just the root identifier (i.e. use "h" instead of "h.Fragment"). * Defaults to `null`. */ jsxFragmentName?: string | null; /** * The lib used by the project. * This automatically defines a type variable for any types provided by the configured TS libs. * For more information, see * * Defaults to the lib for the provided `ecmaVersion`. */ lib?: Lib[]; /** * The source type of the script. */ sourceType?: 'script' | 'module'; /** * Emit design-type metadata for decorated declarations in source. * Defaults to `false`. */ emitDecoratorMetadata?: boolean; }

Example usage:

import { analyze } from '@typescript-eslint/scope-manager'; import { parse } from '@typescript-eslint/typescript-estree'; const code = `const hello: string = 'world';`; const ast = parse(code, { // note that scope-manager requires ranges on the AST range: true, }); const scope = analyze(ast, { ecmaVersion: 2020, sourceType: 'module', });



See the contributing guide here



What is @typescript-eslint/scope-manager?

TypeScript scope analyser for ESLint

Is @typescript-eslint/scope-manager popular?

The npm package @typescript-eslint/scope-manager receives a total of 18,445,476 weekly downloads. As such, @typescript-eslint/scope-manager popularity was classified as popular.

Is @typescript-eslint/scope-manager well maintained?

We found that @typescript-eslint/scope-manager demonstrated a healthy version release cadence and project activity because the last version was released less than a year ago.It has 1 open source maintainer collaborating on the project.

Last updated on 28 Nov 2022

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