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Unofficial javascript extension to the awesome Bulma CSS framework.


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This is an unofficial JavaScript extension for the Bulma CSS framework.

BulmaJS is still in development, you can keep track of current, pending, completed and planned tasks on the official Trello board.

tl;dr GIMME THE DOCS! Well here you go.

Bulma is an excellent CSS framework and the perfect alternative to Bootstrap. One of the great things about Bulma is that it's JUST CSS; there is no JavaScript included. This makes it super lightweight. Some components do require JavaScript however, and that is where BulmaJS comes in!

BulmaJS is written in ES6 and provides a plugin based system for adding interaction to the CSS components. BulmaJS is an ongoing project. As new components are added to Bulma, if they require JavaScript then they will also be added to BulmaJS. We are not limited to the core components though. If you have a plugin you would like incorporated, please submit a PR. If you have written a CSS extension to Bulma and would like some JS written, please submit an issue and we may write the JS functionality for you.


If you would like to contribute a plugin, fix a bug or fix some horrible typo in the docs, then please submit a PR if you can! Alternatively, create an issue. Please note, while the code base doesn't follow any strict style, try to ensure your PRs follow the general convention that you see. There may be times the convention isn't followed, so if you see this submit an issue/PR and slap me on the wrist :). Any PR/issue at this time will not be rejected but may have some alteration to the code.

If you are submitting a plugin, please also submit the relevant documentation.


Last updated on 25 Jun 2022

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