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Voxeet React Components


npm i @voxeet/voxeet-web-sdk @voxeet/react-components --save yarn add @voxeet/voxeet-web-sdk @voxeet/react-components



A redux reducer needs to be added to your store.

import { reducer as voxeetReducer } from "@voxeet/react-components"; const reducers = combineReducers({ voxeet: voxeetReducer, });


import React from "react"; import ReactDOM from "react-dom"; import thunkMidleware from "redux-thunk"; import { combineReducers, createStore, applyMiddleware } from "redux"; import { ConferenceRoom, VoxeetProvider, reducer as voxeetReducer, } from "@voxeet/react-components"; // Import Style import "@voxeet/react-components/dist/voxeet-react-components.css"; // Can be customized, refer to const reducers = combineReducers({ voxeet: voxeetReducer, }); const configureStore = () => createStore(reducers, applyMiddleware(thunkMidleware)); const settings = { consumerKey: "consumerKey", consumerSecret: "consumerSecret", conferenceAlias: "Sample", }; ReactDOM.render( <VoxeetProvider store={configureStore()}> <ConferenceRoom isWidget consumerKey={settings.consumerKey} consumerSecret={settings.consumerSecret} conferenceAlias={settings.conferenceAlias} /> </VoxeetProvider>, document.getElementById("app") );

where consumerKey and consumerSecret or oauthToken (retrieve by backend) are your credentials and conferenceAlias the conference you want to join.

The Widget is translate in english and french. The language will be automatically choose base on your browser language.

Widget Properties

sdkFunctionVoxeetSDK if you want to use an external Voxeet SDK
consumerKeyStringThe consumer key
consumerSecretStringThe consumer secret
oauthTokenStringThe oauth token retrieve from your backend (prevent using consumerKey/consumerSecret in frontend) ! Make sure to use this `refreshTokenCallback props of the widget too !
refreshTokenCallbackfuncProvide this function that return a promise with the refreshed token, when this one expire
conferenceAliasStringThe conference you whant to join
logoStringVoxeet LogoDisplay your logo inside the react components by using this props.
chromeExtensionIdStringId of chrome screenshare extension, a message will be prompt when the user will try to screenshare (Inline installation is no longer supported)
displayActionsArray["mute" ,"recording", "share", "video", "live", "attendees", "chat", "pstn"]You can disable some actions buttons. Example : displayActions={["mute", "video"]} will allow to video and mute button (Strings : "mute", "video", "share", "recording", "live", "attendees", "chat")
shareActionsArray["screenshare" ,"filepresentation", "videopresentation"]You can choose which button will be display, it's possible to do a screenshare, file presentation or video presentation ! If you set the displayActions you need to add the 'share' button to allow actions.
liveRecordingEnabledBooleanfalseAbility to record a conference in live. Generate an MP4 video of the conference. Can be retrieve by a webhook (a small delay might be necessary for process the video)
disableSoundsBooleanfalseDisable sounds during the conference (mute/unmute, record, conference join, conference left)
customLocalizedStringsObjectCustom strings, described below
pstnNumbersArrayCustom PSTN Numbers
pinCodeStringPin code for PSTN call
isWidgetBooleantrueIndicate if component used like widget or embedded in your app
chromeExtensionIdStringnullThe Id from your Chrome Web Extension to screenshare (needed only on Chrome)
autoRecordingBooleanfalseAutomatically record the conference when joining the conference (if it's not already start)
closeSessionAtHangUpBooleantrueAutomatically close the session of the current user when hang up
isModalBooleanfalseIndicate if component displayed like modal
loadingScreenComponentLoadingScreenPut your own loading screen instead of Voxeet loading screen
isWebinarBooleanfalseLaunch the widget in Webinar mode, only admin can speak (Restriction in "tiles" mode)
autoJoinBooleanfalseJoin automatically conference
preConfigBooleanfalseShow a pop up before entering inside the Conference to configure your devices (audio, video)
videoCodecStringH264Specify video codec "H264" or "VP8" => H264 is needed for video on Safari
isListenerBooleanfalseEnter in conference in listener mode
displayModesArray["list", "tiles", "speaker"]Indicate which mode is allowed (modes will be in the same order as the array)
invitedUsersArray[{name: "USERNAME", externalId:"EXTERNAL_ID", title: "TITLE"}]Array of people who can be invited during the conference. If the other side, people need to be subscribe to the conference to receive the invitation
isManualKickAllowedBooleanfalseAuthorize admin (conference creator) to kick users in conference
isAdminBooleanfalseCurrent user who join the conference is the admin
kickOnHangUpBooleanfalseKick all users when admin (conference creator) leave the conference
  name: 'Guest ' + Math.floor((Math.random() * 100) + 1),
  externalId: '',
  avatarUrl: ''
User informations for voxeet sdk
conferenceReplayIdStringReplay automatically a conference
  audio: true,
  video: false
The webrtc constraints for the sdk
actionsButtonsReact ComponentActionsButtons - All buttonsA react component to customize the actions buttons
handleOnLeaveFunctionFunction call on leave conference
handleOnConnectFunctionFunction call when the current user is connected to the conference

For more documentation on userInfo and constraints you can look at Voxeet Sdk

Actions buttons

The default control buttons component is below, you can customize it for you needs. Just replace

import React, { Component } from "react"; import PropTypes from "prop-types"; import bowser from "bowser"; import { Buttons } from "@voxeet/react-components"; class ActionsButtons extends Component { constructor(props) { super(props); } render() { const { isBottomBar, forceFullscreen, isMuted, isRecording, isWidgetFullScreenOn, toggleVideoPresentation, videoEnabled, isVideoPresentation, videoPresentationEnabled, displayModal, conferencePincode, convertFilePresentation, toggleMicrophone, screenShareEnabled, filePresentationEnabled, toggleRecording, toggleVideo, toggleScreenShare, attendeesSettingsOpened, toggleAttendeesSettings, toggleAttendeesList, attendeesListOpened, attendeesChatOpened, toggleAttendeesChat, recordingLocked, toggleModal, toggleAudio3D, participants, isWebinar, isAdmin, displayActions, shareActions, leave, audio3DEnabled, displayExternalLiveModal, currentUser, isFilePresentation, isScreenshare, isDemo, } = this.props; let nbParticipants = 0; if (participants && participants.length) { nbParticipants = participants.filter((p) => p.isConnected).length; } if ((!isWebinar && !currentUser.isListener) || (isWebinar && isAdmin)) nbParticipants += 1; return ( <div> <ul className="controls-left"> {!isWidgetFullScreenOn && !forceFullscreen && (!isWebinar || (isWebinar && isAdmin)) && displayActions.indexOf("mute") > -1 && !isDemo && ( <ToggleMicrophoneButton isMuted={isMuted} toggle={toggleMicrophone} isBottomBar={isBottomBar} tooltipPlace={isBottomBar ? "top" : "right"} /> )} {!isWidgetFullScreenOn && !forceFullscreen && (!isWebinar || (isWebinar && isAdmin)) && displayActions.indexOf("video") > -1 && !isDemo && ( <ToggleVideoButton videoEnabled={videoEnabled} toggle={toggleVideo} isBottomBar={isBottomBar} tooltipPlace={isBottomBar ? "top" : "right"} /> )} </ul> <ul className="controls-center"> {!isWidgetFullScreenOn && !forceFullscreen && (!isWebinar || (isWebinar && isAdmin)) && displayActions.indexOf("recording") > -1 && !isDemo && ( <ToggleRecordingButton isRecording={isRecording} recordingLocked={recordingLocked} toggle={toggleRecording} isBottomBar={isBottomBar} tooltipPlace={isBottomBar ? "top" : "right"} /> )} {!isWidgetFullScreenOn && !forceFullscreen && (!isWebinar || (isWebinar && isAdmin)) && displayActions.indexOf("share") > -1 && !isDemo && shareActions.length > 0 && ( <ToggleScreenShareButton screenShareEnabled={screenShareEnabled} filePresentationEnabled={filePresentationEnabled} videoPresentationEnabled={videoPresentationEnabled} currentUserScreenShare={isScreenshare} currentUserFilePresentation={isFilePresentation} currentUserVideoPresentation={isVideoPresentation} toggle={toggleScreenShare} toggleVideoPresentation={toggleVideoPresentation} convertFilePresentation={convertFilePresentation} shareActions={shareActions} isBottomBar={isBottomBar} tooltipPlace={isBottomBar ? "top" : "right"} /> )} {isBottomBar && (!isWebinar || (isWebinar && isAdmin)) && !isDemo && ( <li className="separator"></li> )} {isBottomBar && ( <HangUpButtonBottomBar leave={leave} tooltipPlace="top" /> )} </ul> <ul className="controls-right"> {!isWidgetFullScreenOn && !forceFullscreen && (!isWebinar || (isWebinar && isAdmin)) && displayActions.indexOf("pstn") > -1 && conferencePincode.length > 0 && !isDemo && ( <TogglePSTN conferencePincode={conferencePincode} isBottomBar={isBottomBar} tooltipPlace={isBottomBar ? "top" : "right"} /> )} {!isWidgetFullScreenOn && !forceFullscreen && (!isWebinar || (isWebinar && isAdmin)) && !bowser.msie && !currentUser.isListener && ( <ToggleSettingsButton attendeesSettingsOpened={attendeesSettingsOpened} toggle={toggleAttendeesSettings} isBottomBar={isBottomBar} tooltipPlace={isBottomBar ? "top" : "right"} /> )} {displayActions.indexOf("attendees") > -1 && ( <ToggleAttendeesListButton nbParticipants={nbParticipants} tooltipPlace={isBottomBar ? "top" : "right"} toggle={toggleAttendeesList} isBottomBar={isBottomBar} isOpen={attendeesListOpened} /> )} {displayActions.indexOf("chat") > -1 && ( <ToggleAttendeesChatButton tooltipPlace={isBottomBar ? "top" : "right"} toggle={toggleAttendeesChat} isBottomBar={isBottomBar} isOpen={attendeesChatOpened} /> )} </ul> </div> ); } } ActionsButtons.propTypes = { isBottomBar: PropTypes.bool.isRequired, forceFullscreen: PropTypes.bool.isRequired, isMuted: PropTypes.bool.isRequired, currentUser: PropTypes.object.isRequired, isWebinar: PropTypes.bool.isRequired, isAdmin: PropTypes.bool.isRequired, videoEnabled: PropTypes.bool.isRequired, screenShareEnabled: PropTypes.bool.isRequired, filePresentationEnabled: PropTypes.bool.isRequired, videoPresentationEnabled: PropTypes.bool.isRequired, displayModal: PropTypes.bool.isRequired, isScreenshare: PropTypes.bool.isRequired, isVideoPresentation: PropTypes.bool.isRequired, isFilePresentation: PropTypes.bool.isRequired, displayActions: PropTypes.array.isRequired, toggleAudio3D: PropTypes.func.isRequired, recordingLocked: PropTypes.bool.isRequired, audio3DEnabled: PropTypes.bool.isRequired, isRecording: PropTypes.bool.isRequired, isWidgetFullScreenOn: PropTypes.bool.isRequired, toggleMicrophone: PropTypes.func.isRequired, leave: PropTypes.func.isRequired, toggleRecording: PropTypes.func.isRequired, toggleVideo: PropTypes.func.isRequired, toggleScreenShare: PropTypes.func.isRequired, toggleVideoPresentation: PropTypes.func.isRequired, convertFilePresentation: PropTypes.func.isRequired, toggleModal: PropTypes.func.isRequired, toggleMode: PropTypes.func.isRequired, mode: PropTypes.string.isRequired, toggleAttendeesList: PropTypes.func.isRequired, attendeesListOpened: PropTypes.bool.isRequired, toggleAttendeesChat: PropTypes.func.isRequired, attendeesChatOpened: PropTypes.bool.isRequired, toggleAttendeesSettings: PropTypes.func.isRequired, attendeesSettingsOpened: PropTypes.bool.isRequired, }; ActionsButtons.defaultProps = { isBottomBar: false, forceFullscreen: false, }; export default ActionsButtons;

Localized strings

You can add languages by updating the file src/app/languages/localizedStrings.js with new languages. Today, we have English and French.


Last updated on 29 Sep 2022

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