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Write tests for botkit.


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Botkit-Mock - Write tests for Botkit.

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  1. npm install --save botkit-mock
  2. Require botkit-mock in your test: const Botmock = require('botkit-mock');
  3. Require your controller in your test: const fileBeingTested = require("./indexController")
  4. Follow test case examples seen here

Basic Usage

Testing Controllers

Let's say you have a controller that looks something like this:

module.exports = function(controller) { // simple answer controller.hears(['help'], 'direct_message', function (bot, message) { bot.reply(message, 'help message'); }); }

To use botkit-mock, you can test your controller like below:

const Botmock = require('botkit-mock'); const yourController = require("./yourController"); describe("controller tests",()=>{ beforeEach(()=>{ this.controller = Botmock({}); // type can be ‘slack’, facebook’, or null this.bot = this.controller.spawn({type: 'slack'}); yourController(this.controller); }); });

In your it statement, use the bot.usersInput method to define the conversation.

it('should return `help message` if user types `help`', () => { return this.bot.usersInput( [ { user: 'someUserId', channel: 'someChannel', messages: [ { text: 'help', isAssertion: true } ] } ] ).then((message) => { // In message, we receive a full object that includes params: // { // user: 'someUserId', // channel: 'someChannel', // text: 'help message', // } return assert.equal(message.text, 'help message'); }) });

Advanced Usage

botExtender - allows developers to extend the bot and add custom functions to the bot. This overrides functionality in BotmockWorker.js.

To use this, define botExtender in your beforeEach. It accepts three parameters (bot, botkit, config), which are passed in from Botmock.js and BotmockWorker.js. Pass botExtender to your .spawn() and you will have access to your custom functions in the it.

beforeEach(()=>{ function botExtender(bot, botkit, config){ bot.customReply = function(message, text){ bot.reply(message, 'Something new...' + text) } } this.bot = this.controller.spawn({type: 'slack', botExtender: botExtender}); });

usersInput options

  1. user user slackId (required) (string)
  2. channel is a channel where user sends messages (required) (string)
  3. type specify botkit message type. ie direct_message, message_received, interactive_message_callback. (defaults to direct_message) (string)
  4. messages (array) that includes:
    • isAssertion indicates which conversation response array to return in .then() in multi-user testing. (required) (boolean)
    • deep indicates the index of the conversation response to return in .then(). 0 (default) is the last response, 1 is the second-to-last, etc.. (integer)
    • timeout set timeout for message in milliseconds (integer)
    • waitBefore alias for timeout, indicates how many milliseconds to wait before sending the message to the bot (integer)
    • waitAfter indicates how many milliseconds to wait for the bot response, useful for long-running commands (integer)
    • text the message's text (string)
    • channel indicates the channel the message was sent in. This overrides the channel defined in usersInput for this current message. (string)
    • ...any other fields you may be testing for including attachments, callback_id, etc...


botkit-mock currently (and will always) support all of Botkit's core functionality by default. We also support extended Slack and Facebook functionality.

To add functionality to botkit-mock, you can create platform-specific functions like seen in FacebookBotWorker. If you add functionality to support something we don't, please make a PR.


Built by the team at https://www.gratify.chat.

Like botkit-mock? Donate BTC to our team: 1KwpqzTvpLWiUST2V5wmPiT3twwc1pZ9tP

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