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> Save Cypress test results as a JSON file

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Cypress JSON Test Results Report

Save Cypress test results as a JSON file

A Cypress JSON test reporter to create test reports that follow the CTRF standard.

Common Test Report Format ensures the generation of uniform JSON test reports, independent of programming languages or test framework in use.

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We need your help

We believe CTRF can save a lot of time for engineers, a single data serialisation report, well structured, community driven and works with any framework. For over 30s years software engineers have used a de facto data serialisation report, you know the one! But we feel it’s time to modernise.

The only way we can grow CTRF is with your help and the support of the software engineering community.

How can you help?

  • Join and build with us! We are looking for contributors, get involved in this early stage project. All contributions are welcome.
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  • Generate JSON test reports that are CTRF compliant
  • Straightforward integration with Cypress
  "results": {
    "tool": {
      "name": "cypress"
    "summary": {
      "tests": 1,
      "passed": 1,
      "failed": 0,
      "pending": 0,
      "skipped": 0,
      "other": 0,
      "start": 1706828654274,
      "stop": 1706828655782
    "tests": [
        "name": "ctrf should generate the same report with any tool",
        "status": "passed",
        "duration": 100
    "environment": {
      "appName": "MyApp",
      "buildName": "MyBuild",
      "buildNumber": "1"

What is CTRF?

CTRF is a universal JSON test report schema that addresses the lack of a standardized format for JSON test reports.

Consistency Across Tools: Different testing tools and frameworks often produce reports in varied formats. CTRF ensures a uniform structure, making it easier to understand and compare reports, regardless of the testing tool used.

Language and Framework Agnostic: It provides a universal reporting schema that works seamlessly with any programming language and testing framework.

Facilitates Better Analysis: With a standardized format, programatically analyzing test outcomes across multiple platforms becomes more straightforward.


npm install --save-dev cypress-ctrf-json-reporter

Add the reporter to your cypress.config.js/ts file:

const { defineConfig } = require('cypress')
const { GenerateCtrfReport } = require('cypress-ctrf-json-reporter')

module.exports = defineConfig({
  e2e: {
    setupNodeEvents(on, config) {
      // Implement node event listeners here
      new GenerateCtrfReport({

Run your tests:

npx cypress run

You'll find a JSON file named ctrf-report.json in the ctrf directory.

Installation for Cypress versions below v10

Add the reporter to your cypress/plugins/index.js/ts

const { GenerateCtrfReport } = require('cypress-ctrf-json-reporter')

/// <reference types="cypress" />

 * @type {Cypress.PluginConfig}
// eslint-disable-next-line no-unused-vars
module.exports = (on, config) => {
  new GenerateCtrfReport({

Reporter Options

The reporter supports several configuration options:

new GenerateCtrfReport({
  outputFile: 'custom-name.json', // Optional: Output file name. Defaults to 'ctrf-report.json'.
  outputDir: 'custom-directory', // Optional: Output directory path. Defaults to 'ctrf'.
  minimal: true, // Optional: Generate a minimal report. Defaults to 'false'. Overrides screenshot and testType when set to true
  testType: 'e2e', // Optional: Specify the test type (e.g., 'api', 'e2e'). Defaults to 'e2e'.
  appName: 'MyApp', // Optional: Specify the name of the application under test.
  appVersion: '1.0.0', // Optional: Specify the version of the application under test.
  osPlatform: 'linux', // Optional: Specify the OS platform.
  osRelease: '18.04', // Optional: Specify the OS release version.
  osVersion: '5.4.0', // Optional: Specify the OS version.
  buildName: 'MyApp Build', // Optional: Specify the build name.
  buildNumber: '100', // Optional: Specify the build number.
  buildUrl: '', // Optional: Specify the build url.
  repositoryName: 'ctrf-json', // Optional: Specify the repository name.
  repositoryUrl: '', // Optional: Specify the repository url.
  branchName: 'main', // Optional: Specify the branch name.
  testEnvironment: 'staging', // Optional: Specify the test environment (e.g. staging, production).

Test Object Properties

The test object in the report includes the following CTRF properties:

nameStringRequiredThe name of the test.
statusStringRequiredThe outcome of the test. One of: passed, failed, skipped, pending, other.
durationNumberRequiredThe time taken for the test execution, in milliseconds.
messageStringOptionalThe failure message if the test failed.
traceStringOptionalThe stack trace captured if the test failed.
rawStatusStringOptionalThe original cypress status of the test before mapping to CTRF status.
typeStringOptionalThe type of test (e.g., api, e2e).
filepathStringOptionalThe file path where the test is located in the project.
retriesNumberOptionalThe number of retries attempted for the test.
flakyBooleanOptionalIndicates whether the test result is flaky.
browserStringOptionalThe browser used for the test.

Support Us

If you find this project useful, consider giving it a GitHub star ⭐ It means a lot to us.


Package last updated on 20 Jun 2024

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