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Lightweight Discord API library for Node.js.


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Discord Slim

Lightweight Discord API library for Node.js.
Provides pure API interaction via type definitions and some helper tools, without excessive abstractions.

Before you start

Node.js 14+ is required!

Make sure you have some understaning of Discord API.


Main exports

Client - client for connecting to the Discord API gateway.
ClientEvents - set of possible client events.
Authorization - authorization class for client and actions.
Events - set of possible gateway API events.
Actions - access to API requests.
Helpers - objects and constants for API.
Tools - additional tools for convinience.
Voice - client for connecting to voice channels.
VoiceEvents - set of possible voice client events.
Types - type definitions export for TypeScript.

For now use e.g. VS Code for types completion.


npm i discord-slim

Usage example

Initial setup

import { Client, ClientEvents, Authorization, Events, Actions, Helpers, Tools } from 'discord-slim'; // Basic setup to control client operation. // You probably want to use such code for every bot. const client = new Client(); client.on(ClientEvents.CONNECT, () => console.log('Connection established.')); client.on(ClientEvents.DISCONNECT, (code) => console.error(`Disconnect. (${code})`)); client.on(ClientEvents.INFO, console.log); client.on(ClientEvents.WARN, console.warn); client.on(ClientEvents.ERROR, console.error); client.on(ClientEvents.FATAL, (e) => { console.error(e); process.exit(1); }); // Authorization object. Required for client and actions. const authorization = new Authorization('token'); // Request options for actions. // By design every action can use its own options. // But for convinience you can set default options globally for all actions. // Default options can be overridden by passing `requestOptions` argument. Actions.setDefaultRequestOptions({ // Include authorization, it is required for most actions. authorization, // Rate limit behavior configuration. // This options is not required, but you probably want to care about the rate limit. rateLimit: { // Set how many attempts to make due to the rate limit. Default: 5. // This includes the first try, so values 1 and below will be treated as "no retries". retryCount: 5, // Rate limit hit callback. callback: (response, attempts) => console.log(`${response.message} Global: ${response.global}. Cooldown: ${response.retry_after} sec. Attempt: ${attempts}.`), }, }); ... // Start the client connection. client.Connect(authorization, Helpers.Intents.GUILDS | Helpers.Intents.GUILD_MESSAGES);

You can read about intents here.

Basic message response

client.events.on(Events.MESSAGE_CREATE, (message) => { // Filter out own messages. if(message.author.id == client.user.id) return; // Check that the message contains "hello" word. if(message.content.search(/(^|\s)hello($|\s)/i) < 0) return; // Using both reply and mention just for demo. Actions.Message.Create(message.channel_id, { content: `Hi, ${Tools.Mention.User(message.author)}!`, message_reference: { channel_id: message.channel_id, message_id: message.id, }, }); });

Set bot status

client.events.on(Events.READY, () => { client.UpdatePresence({ status: Helpers.StatusTypes.ONLINE, activities: [{ type: Helpers.ActivityTypes.WATCHING, name: 'YOU' }], afk: false, since: 0, }); });

Async capabilities

client.events.on(Events.READY, async (data) => { // Log all the global application commands. console.log(await Actions.Application.GetGlobalCommands(data.user.id)); });

Using application commands

Note: application commands require applications.commands scope. Read details in docs.

client.events.on(Events.GUILD_CREATE, (guild) => { // Create a command in your guild(s). // This example represents a simple command that just echoing the text back. Actions.Application.CreateGuildCommand(client.user.id, guild.id, { name: 'echo', description: 'Test application command.', options: [ { type: Helpers.ApplicationCommandOptionTypes.STRING, name: 'text', description: 'Echo message text.', required: true, }, ], }); }); // Respond to interaction event. client.events.on(Events.INTERACTION_CREATE, (interaction) => { // Check the command by name. if(interaction.data?.name != 'echo') return; // Make a response. Actions.Application.CreateInteractionResponse(interaction.id, interaction.token, { type: Helpers.InteractionCallbackTypes.CHANNEL_MESSAGE_WITH_SOURCE, data: { // Just echoing the content. content: interaction.data.options[0].value, // "EPHEMERAL" flag means that the response will be visible only by the caller. flags: Helpers.MessageFlags.EPHEMERAL, }, }); });




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