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This is a orm for elasticSearch


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elasticsearch - orm-a basic Elasticsearch query API

npm package


"'bash npm install elasticsearch-orm "`


  • [Create connection] (#user-content-create connection)
  • [Index related] (#user-content-index related)
  • [Documentation related] (#user-content-documentation related)
  • [Query related] (#user-content-query related)
  • [Using aggregate] (#user-content-using aggregate)
  • [Pagination related] (#user-content-pagination related)
  • [Settings] (#user-content-Settings)
  • [Cluster-related Interface] (#user-content-cluster-related interface)
  • [Query API] (#user-content-query api)
  • [Aggregate API] (#user-content-aggregate api)

Create a connection

`'js const orm = require('elasticsearch-orm'); const instance = orm({ 'domain':'', 'port':9200 });

instance.on ('connected', () =>{ console.log ('connected'); });

instance.on ('error', (e) =>{ console.log('connection exception', e); }); "`

Create an index

Generate an index type


const demoIndex = instance.register ('demoIndex',{ 'index': 'demoindex', 'type':'demotype' },{ 'title':{ 'type':'text' }, 'age':{ 'type': 'integer' }, 'location':{ 'type': 'geo_point' } },{ 'number_of_shards': 2, 'number_of_replicas': 4 });

" Synchronous index: if the index has not been created, it will follow mappings and settingscreate 'index, if the index has been created, it will automatically determine which mappings are new, and these new mappings' add`to the index.the sync method returns a Promise object, so you can use the await keyword.

'js await demoIndex.sync.(); "

Index health values

'js const health = await; "

Index State

'js const stat = await demoIndex.stat.(); "

Index statistics

'js const state = await demoIndex.state(); "

SET index alias

'js const result = await demoIndex.alias (['alias_name']); "

Remove alias

'js const result = await demoIndex.removeAlias (['alias_name']); "


'js const result = await demoIndex.refresh(); "


'js const result = await demoIndex.flush.(); "

Force merge

'js const result = await demoIndex.forceMerge(); "

Test the word breaker

'js const result = await demoIndex.analyze ('I love Beijing Tiananmen', 'ik_max_word'); "

Open an index

'js const result = await; "

Close an index

'js const result = await demoIndex.close.(); "

Create a document

the create method returns a Promise object that uses the await keyword to return the newly created document ID 'js let id = await demoIndex.create({ 'title': 'Demo Title', 'age', 12, 'location':{ 'lon':100.1, 'lat':40.2 } }); "

Specify the document ID to create the document 'js await demoIndex.create({ 'title': 'Demo Title', 'age', 12, 'location':{ 'lon':100.1, 'lat':40.2 } }, 'document_id'); " Specifying a document routing 'js await demoIndex.create({ 'title': 'Demo Title', 'age', 12, 'location':{ 'lon':100.1, 'lat':40.2 } }, 'document_id', 'routing_hash'); " Specifying a parent node 'js await demoIndex.create({ 'title':'Title', 'age':123 }, null, null,{ 'parent': 'parent_id' }) "

Update documentation

'js await demoIndex.update ('docuemnt_id',{ 'title': "Demo Title 2", 'age':13 }) " Specifying a document routing 'js await demoIndex.update ('document_id',{ 'title': 'Demo Title 2', 'age':14 }, 'routing_hash') "

Delete document

'js await demoIndex.delete(id); await demoIndex.delete (['id1', 'id2']) "

Get documents by id

If the id does not exist, an Error is returned 'js let doc = await demoIndex.get(id); "

Build simple queries

'js let ret = await demoIndex.query(); " ret object returns even a child object, one is list, is the result of extracting a good _source array, the other is orgResult, is the original content returned by es

Query conditions

For a single query, see [query API] (#user-content-query api) 'js let ret = await demoIndex.term ('age', 12).query(); " Multiple query conditions 'js let ret = await demoIndex .term('age', 12) .match ('title',") .query(); " must, should, not inquiry `'js const Condition = require("elasticsearch-orm-v1").Condition; let ret = await demoIndex .must (new Condition().term('age', 12)) .should(new Condition().match ('title', 'Tiel')) .not (new Condition().exists('age')) .query();

"filter query'js const Condition = require("elasticsearch-orm-v1").Condition; let ret = await demoIndex .filter (new Condition().matchAll()) .query(); "`

Building nested queries

'js const Condition = require("elasticsearch-orm-v1").Condition; let condition = new Condition(); condition.term('age', 12) .match ('title','Title') .not (new conditional() .range('age',0, 10)); let ret = await demoIndex .should(condition) .exists ('location') .query(); "

Working with aggregations

Use basic aggregation

You can get the result of the aggregation through the orgresult object's original return value. see the complete aggregation API at [aggregation API] (#user-content-aggregation api) 'js const Aggs = require('elasticsearch-orm').Aggs.; let ret = await demoIndex .exists('age') .aggs(new Aggs('avg_age').avg('age')) .query(); "

Aggregated sub-aggregations

'js const Aggs = require('elasticsearch-orm').Aggs.; let aggs = new Aggs ('test_aggs').terms ('title'); aggs.aggs(new Aggs('sub_aggs').valueCount('age')); let ret = await demoIndex .exist('age') .aggs(aggs) .query(); "


'js let ret = await demoIndex .from(0) .size (15) .query(); "

Use the scroll

Initiate a scroll 'js await demoIndex.query({ 'scroll':'1m' }) " Perform scrolling 'js await demoIndex.scroll(scrollId,{ 'scroll':'1m' }); " Clear a scroll 'js await demoIndex.clearScroll(scrollId); "


'js let ret = await demoIndex .sort ('age','asc') .sort ('title','asc', 'min') .query(); " Or ... 'js let ret = await demoIndex .sort.({ 'age':{ 'order': 'desc', 'mode': 'min' } }) .query(); "


If debug is set to true, the request body, url, and return value of each request are printed 'js let instance = orm({ 'domain':'', 'port':9200 }); instance.set ("debug", true); " You can set the method of debug 'js instance.set ("log", console.log); " Set request timeout in milliseconds (default is 30s) 'js instance.set ('timeout', 5000); "

Get cluster health values

'js const health = await; "

Get cluster status

'js const state = await instance.state(); "

Get cluster statistics

'js const stat = await instance.stat.(); "

Get Index list

'js const result = await instance.indices(); "

Node information

'js const result = await instance.nodes(); "

Node status

'js const result = await instance.nodeStat ('node_id'); "

Close a node

'js const result = await instance.shutDown ('node_id'); "

Query API

Text matching

match query

'js let condition = new Condition(); condition.match ('title', 'content1 content2'); condition.match ('title', 'content1 content2',{ 'operator':'and' }); " The generated query json is 'json { "match":{ "title": "content1 content2", "operator": "and" } } " the field argument can be an array 'js condition.match (['title', 'description'], 'content1 content2'); condition.match (['title', 'description'], 'content1 content2',{ 'type': 'best_fields' }); " The generated query json is 'json { "multi_match":{ "query": "content1 content2", "type": "best_fields", "fields": ["title","description"] } } "

Phrase query matchPhrase and matchPhrasePrefix

'js condition.matchPhrase('title', 'content1 content2'); condition.matchPrasePrefix ('title', 'content1 content2'); condition.matchPhrase('title', 'content1 content2',{ 'analyzer': 'test_analyzer' }); " Generate query json 'json { "match_phrase":{ "title":{ "query": "content1 content2", "analyzer": "test_analyzer" } } } { "match_phrase_prefix":{ "title":{ "query": "content1 content2" } } } "

Exact value

term query

'js condition.term('age', 13); condition.term('age',[13,15]); " Generate query json 'json { "term.":{ "age": 13 } } { "terms.":{ "age":[13,15] } } "

exists query

'js condition.exists('age'); condition.exists (['age','title']); " Generating json 'json { "exists.":{ "field": "age" } } { "exists.":{ "fields":["age", " title"] } } "

range query

'js condition.range('age', 1); condition.range('age',1, 10); condition.range('age', null, 10); condition.range('age', 1, 10, true, false); " Generating json 'json { "range.":{ "age":{ "gt":1 } } } { "range.":{ "age":{ "gt":1, "lt": 10 } } } { "range.":{ "age":{ "lt": 10 } } } { "range.":{ "age":{ "gte": 1, "lt": 10 } } } " Using the Range object 'js const Range = require ('elasticsearch-orm').Range.(); let range = new Range(1); range = new Range(1,10); range = new Range(1,10, false, true); range = new Range(). gt(1,true). lt (10, false); condition.range(range); "

prefix, wildcard and fuzzy

'js condition.prefix ('title', 'Tre'); condition.wildcard ('title', 'Tre * hao'); condition.fuzzy ('title',{ 'value': 'ki', 'boost':1.0 }) " Generating json files 'json { "prefix":{ "title": "Tre" } } { "wildcard.":{ "title": "Tre * hao" } } { "fuzzy.":{ "title":{ "value": "ki", "boost":1.0 } } } "

Geographic location query


'js condition.geoShape ('location','circle', [{ 'lon': 100.0, 'lat': 41.0 }], { 'radius': "100m", "relation": "within" }) " Generating json 'json { "geo_shape":{ "location":{ "shape.":{ "type": "circle", "coordinates.":[{ "lon":100.0, "lat":41.0 }], "relation": "within" } } } } "


'js condition.geoDistance ('location',{ 'lon': 100.0, 'lat':31.0 }, '100m'); " Generating json 'json { "geo_distance":{ "distance": "100m", "location":{ "lon":100.0, "lat":31.0 } } } "


'js condition.geoPolygon ('location',[{ 'lon': 100.0, 'lat':41.1 },{ 'lon':101.0, 'lat':42.1 },{ 'lot':102.3, 'lat':42.4 }]) " Generating json `'json { "geo_polygon.":{ "location":{ "points":[{ "lon":100.0,



Last updated on 05 Mar 2019

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