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A breadcrumbs component for Ember.js

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An Ember.js component for adding breadcrumbs to your app.


Installation is accomplished by using ember-cli addons. From within your ember-cli app, do:

ember install:addon ember-breadcrumbs

If you have an older version of ember-cli, this may not work. If you're sure that your version of ember-cli supports addons, then you may be able to use this in lieu of upgrading:

npm install --save-dev ember-cli

But you should probably just upgrade.


To add the breadcrumbs to your app, simply throw the component into one of your templates: {{bread-crumbs}}.

Don't worry about which template. It will automatically update itself as your route changes. There are no options to provide to the component.

For an example, check out the sample app.

Controlling crumbs

To display a bread crumb, you define properties on the controller associated with a route. When that route (or a route nested underneath it) is active, the bread crumb will be displayed.

The properties are:

  • breadCrumb: The text to display. Required.
  • breadCrumbPath: The path (e.g., "post.edit") that the crumb will link to. This property is optional; the default will be the route's path.
  • breadCrumbModel: An object that will be passed into the {{link-to}} helper. This property is optional.

If the breadCrumb property is not specified, then no crumb will be displayed. Note that this means, by default, no crumbs will be displayed.

Dynamic content in crumbs

If you find yourself needing to add some logic to change what text is displayed in a breadcrumb (or what path it links to, or the model it provides), there is no need to do any thing special.

Just define your breadCrumb property (or any other properties) as a computed property that depends on the other information you need. Your breadcrumbs will automatically update in realtime, thanks to Ember.

  breadCrumb: Ember.computed("", {
    get() {
      let modelName = this.get("");
      return `Blog Post: ${modelName}`;
  breadCrumbModel: Ember.computed.alias("model")

Showing multiple crumbs from one controller

Sometimes you might need to display multiple breadcrumbs from the same controller. To accomplish this, you can define the breadCrumbs property on your controller.

This property should be an array of objects (one object per crumb) that contain the following attributes:

  • label: The text to display as the bread crumb. Required.
  • path: The path that the crumb should link to. Optional; if not specified, the controller's route's path will be used instead.
  • model: An object that should be passed into {{link-to}}. Optional.


ember-breadcrumbs is styled, by default, for Foundation's Breadcrumbs.

Thanks to ember-cli's addon support, it's now quite easy to replace this with your own markup. Simply add a template to your project at the path:


Your template can reference breadCrumbs, which is an array of objects containing the following properties:

  • label: The title of the breadcrumb.
  • path: The path that the crumb should link to. Can pass to link-to.
  • model: The model object that can be passed to link-to. May not be present.
  • linkable: True unless the controller's breadCrumbPath was false.
  • isCurrent: True for the most specific (last) bread crumb, otherwise false.


  • Ember.js v3.4 or above
  • Ember CLI v2.13 or above
  • Node.js v8 or above


Some things would be nice to have:

  • Black box / system tests!!
  • Reimagined support for routable components, if/when that lands in Ember.

I'm also open to handing off the stewardship of this addon. I haven't been able to give the time that this project needs.


This project is licensed under the MIT License.



Package last updated on 10 Jan 2020

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