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Swiss army knife for dealing with all things Graphile

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Graphile makes a number of open source projects, some of the headline projects include PostGraphile, Graphile Worker, Graphile Migrate and Grafast, but there are many others. This module is intended to be a CLI that will help when interacting with these various projects, helping you to create, debug, update, interact with and maintain them.

At the moment, it doesn't contain much, but it should grow over time.

Sponsors-only, source available

TL;DR: 30 day free trial, then become a sponsor to continue using.

Unlike the vast majority of our other packages, this package is not open source software. Instead it is licensed software, only to be used by sponsors.

At Graphile, we can only work on open source as much as we do thanks to the support of our sponsors. Sadly, many corporations decline to fund the open source software that underpins the success of their businesses. This lack of funding can lead to maintainer burnout and ultimately the discontinuation of projects, leaving these short-sighted companies to spend large amounts on maintenance, security, and/or rewrites.

An XKCD cartoon showing how all modern digital infrastructure relies on a project some random person in Nebraska has been thanklessly maintaining since 2003.

Mandatory XKCD #2347 - Dependency.

Fortunately smart engineers tend to recognize that OSS projects need financial support to both be sustainable and to keep advancing. This sponsors-only package serves two purposes. First and foremost, it is a thank you to our sponsors who have helped us to get this far. Secondly, it acts as a carrot that forward-thinking engineers can use to convince their corporations sponsorship is necessary.

We hope that once a company is sponsoring one project, sponsoring others should be much easier; as such, this project is only licensed for sponsors - we do not sell licenses to it separately.

We offer non-sponsors a 30 day trial of this software, after that you must become a sponsor to keep using it. We recommend a sponsorship of at least $25/mo per engineer, however you may sponsor us at any amount that the platforms allow. One-time sponsorships are equivalent to 30 calendar days of sponsorship.

graphile config print

Prints out the configuration from your graphile.config.mjs (or similar) file in an easy to read/digest form.

graphile config options

Indicates the full list of options that you may specify in your config file.



Package last updated on 21 May 2024

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Socket for GitHub automatically highlights issues in each pull request and monitors the health of all your open source dependencies. Discover the contents of your packages and block harmful activity before you install or update your dependencies.


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