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Light, dependency free script creating a responsive gallery


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Light, dependency free script creating a responsive gallery


Attach scripts to page You can use a hosted version by hooking this script or import it locally by downloading a package of files, but remember to attach a CSS style sheet and disable the auto-hooking of styles in the options (more in Global options section).

<script src="https://unpkg.com/hes-gallery/dist/hes-gallery.min.js"></script>

When using CDN global object HesGallery will be registred

You can also install package by npm or yarn

$ npm i hes-gallery $ yarn add hes-gallery

How to use?

For each container with photos that you want to use as a gallery, give the class: (Each container is a singe, independent gallery)


You can modify the options of the gallery using function described below

<div class="hes-gallery"> <img src="image1.jpg" alt="image1" data-subtext="Subtext" /> <img src="image2.jpg" alt="image2" data-subtext="Second subtext" /> <img src="image3.jpg" alt="image3" data-subtext="Subtext" /> <img src="image4.jpg" alt="image4" data-subtext="Subtext" /> </div>

Global options

If you want, you can modify the gallery options to make it work better to you by using function HesGallery.setOptions(), you can also change settings passing settings object to HesGallery.init() function. Sample:

HesGallery.setOptions({ wrapAround: true, disableScrolling: true, }) HesGallery.init({ wrapAround: true, disableScrolling: true, })

Important If you change the settings after initializing the script, not all options can be applied. To make sure that they will, use HesGallery.init(options) function.

Possible options:

wrapAroundfalseCreate loop on gallery, you can go from last photo to first with one click
showImageCounttrueShow number of current photo (for example "1/5")
disableScrollingfalseDisable scrolling when gallery is on
hostedStylestrueAutomatically attaches a style sheet to the source on api.heseya.com (turn off if you want to put hes-gallery on your own server)
animationstrueUsing animations in gallery
keyboardControltrueKeyboard control in galleries
minResolution0The minimum screen width for which the gallery will work (in px)
autoInittrueIf true, automaticly run HesGallery.init() when DOM Content is loaded
linkNestedfalseIf true, you can use images nested in links

If you like, you can give one set of other options by adding attributes to the .hes-gallery class's container Attributes accept only true or false value, in any other case the gallery will adopt values set by HesGallery.setOptions () or default!

<div class="hes-gallery" data-wrap="true" data-img-count="false"> <!-- Some <img> here --> </div>

Available local options:

ParameterGlobal equivalentDescription
data-wrapwrapAroundCreate loop on gallery, you can go from last photo to first with one click
data-img-countshowImageCountShow number of current photo (for example "1/5")

Available functions

Some of functions which you can use to manage the gallery

HesGallery.init()Reloads the gallery in case when for example content of gallery container has changed and we want to have actual images in gallery
HesGallery.show(m, n)Show n photo from m gallery
HesGallery.next()Show next photo
HesGallery.prev()Show previous photo
HesGallery.hide()Hide gallery
HesGallery.setOptions()Allows you to modify the gallery options (more above)

Img tag parameters

data-subtextHe creates a signature under the picture in the gallery
data-disabledIf set will cause that the image will not be included in the gallery
data-fullsizeIf we want to use thumbnails, we give the thumbnail path to the src tag and a path to the full version of graphics to the data-fullsize tag
data-srcSome plugins (PR #12) can use this attribute to get the path to the photo. If this param exists, the HesGallery will use it, insead of the src attribute

To support browsers without JavaScript, an option is to statically link the "large" images like so:

<div class="hes-gallery"> <a href="image1-large.jpg" class="hg-image"> <img src="image1-small.jpg" alt="image1" data-subtext="Subtext" /> </a> ... </div>

In that case, users can still open an expanded view but if JS is enabled, they get the HesGallery. To enable this feature, set linkNested to true in the options during initialisation.


Feel free to contribute any changes/features for future versions of HesGallery. Please work, and create Pull Pequests on develop branch.

To run build scripts you probably need node in version 11.

How to run?

  1. Install dependecies with npm i command
  2. By npm run dev you can run development server with gulp & browsersync to faster the development of your feature
  3. You can also use a npm run build to only build a script by babel and minimalize code
  4. It would be also greate if you can provide a examples of your feature in readme and in /demo folder
  5. When you finish, push your changes and create a Pull Request

Thanks for your help!

Licence: MIT Copyright 2019 Artur Mędrygał


Last updated on 24 Jan 2022

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