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Is this value a JS Typed Array? This module works cross-realm/iframe, does not depend on `instanceof` or mutable properties, and despite ES6 Symbol.toStringTag.


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v1.1.10 - 2022-11-02


  • [meta] add auto-changelog cf6d86b
  • [actions] update rebase action to use reusable workflow 8da51a5
  • [Dev Deps] update aud, is-callable, object-inspect, tape 554e3de
  • [Refactor] use gopd instead of an es-abstract helper [cdaa465`](
  • [Deps] update es-abstract 677ae4b
<!-- auto-changelog-above -->

1.1.9 / 2022-05-13

  • [Refactor] use foreach instead of for-each
  • [readme] markdown URL cleanup
  • [Deps] update es-abstract
  • [meta] use npmignore to autogenerate an npmignore file
  • [Dev Deps] update eslint, @ljharb/eslint-config, object-inspect, safe-publish-latest, tape
  • [actions] reuse common workflows
  • [actions] update codecov uploader

1.1.8 / 2021-08-30

  • [Refactor] use globalThis if available (#53)
  • [Deps] update available-typed-arrays
  • [Dev Deps] update @ljharb/eslint-config

1.1.7 / 2021-08-07

  • [Fix] if Symbol.toStringTag exists but is not present, use Object.prototype.toString
  • [Dev Deps] update is-callable, tape

1.1.6 / 2021-08-05

  • [Fix] use has-tostringtag to behave correctly in the presence of symbol shams
  • [readme] add actions and codecov badges
  • [meta] use prepublishOnly script for npm 7+
  • [Deps] update available-typed-arrays, es-abstract
  • [Dev Deps] update eslint, @ljharb/eslint-config, aud, object-inspect, tape
  • [actions] use node/install instead of node/run; use codecov action

1.1.5 / 2021-02-14

  • [meta] do not publish github action workflow files or nyc output
  • [Deps] update call-bind, es-abstract
  • [Dev Deps] update eslint, @ljharb/eslint-config, aud, is-callable, tape

1.1.4 / 2020-12-05

  • [readme] fix repo URLs, remove defunct badges
  • [Deps] update available-typed-arrays, es-abstract; use call-bind where applicable
  • [meta] gitignore nyc output
  • [meta] only audit prod deps
  • [actions] add "Allow Edits" workflow
  • [actions] switch Automatic Rebase workflow to pull_request_target event
  • [Dev Deps] update eslint, @ljharb/eslint-config, is-callable, make-arrow-function, make-generator-function, object-inspect, tape; add aud
  • [Tests] migrate tests to Github Actions
  • [Tests] run nyc on all tests

1.1.3 / 2020-01-24

  • [Refactor] use es-abstract’s callBound, available-typed-arrays, has-symbols

1.1.2 / 2020-01-20

  • [Fix] in envs without Symbol.toStringTag, dc8a8cc made arrays return true
  • [Tests] add evalmd to prelint

1.1.1 / 2020-01-18

  • [Robustness] don’t rely on Array.prototype.indexOf existing
  • [meta] remove unused Makefile and associated utilities
  • [meta] add funding field; create FUNDING.yml
  • [actions] add automatic rebasing / merge commit blocking
  • [Dev Deps] update eslint, @ljharb/eslint-config, is-callable, replace, semver, tape; add safe-publish-latest
  • [Tests] use shared travis-ci configs
  • [Tests] use npx aud instead of nsp or npm audit with hoops

1.1.0 / 2019-02-16

  • [New] add BigInt64Array and BigUint64Array
  • [Refactor] use an array instead of an object for storing Typed Array names
  • [meta] ignore test.html
  • [Tests] up to node v11.10, v10.15, v8.15, v7.10, v6.16, v5.10, v4.9
  • [Tests] remove jscs
  • [Tests] use npm audit instead of nsp
  • [Dev Deps] update eslint, @ljharb/eslint-config, is-callable, tape, replace, semver
  • [Dev Deps] remove unused eccheck script + dep

1.0.4 / 2016-03-19

  • [Fix] Symbol.toStringTag is on the super-[[Prototype]] of Float32Array, not the [[Prototype]] (#3)
  • [Tests] up to node v5.9, v4.4
  • [Tests] use pretest/posttest for linting/security
  • [Dev Deps] update tape, jscs, nsp, eslint, @ljharb/eslint-config, semver, is-callable

1.0.3 / 2015-10-13

  • [Deps] Add missing foreach dependency (#1)

1.0.2 / 2015-10-05

  • [Deps] Remove unneeded "isarray" dependency
  • [Dev Deps] update eslint, @ljharb/eslint-config

1.0.1 / 2015-10-02

  • Rerelease: avoid instanceof and the constructor property; work cross-realm; work with Symbol.toStringTag.

1.0.0 / 2015-05-06

  • Initial release.



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Is this value a JS Typed Array? This module works cross-realm/iframe, does not depend on instanceof or mutable properties, and despite ES6 Symbol.toStringTag.


var isTypedArray = require('is-typed-array'); var assert = require('assert'); assert.equal(false, isTypedArray(undefined)); assert.equal(false, isTypedArray(null)); assert.equal(false, isTypedArray(false)); assert.equal(false, isTypedArray(true)); assert.equal(false, isTypedArray([])); assert.equal(false, isTypedArray({})); assert.equal(false, isTypedArray(/a/g)); assert.equal(false, isTypedArray(new RegExp('a', 'g'))); assert.equal(false, isTypedArray(new Date())); assert.equal(false, isTypedArray(42)); assert.equal(false, isTypedArray(NaN)); assert.equal(false, isTypedArray(Infinity)); assert.equal(false, isTypedArray(new Number(42))); assert.equal(false, isTypedArray('foo')); assert.equal(false, isTypedArray(Object('foo'))); assert.equal(false, isTypedArray(function () {})); assert.equal(false, isTypedArray(function* () {})); assert.equal(false, isTypedArray(x => x * x)); assert.equal(false, isTypedArray([])); assert.ok(isTypedArray(new Int8Array())); assert.ok(isTypedArray(new Uint8Array())); assert.ok(isTypedArray(new Uint8ClampedArray())); assert.ok(isTypedArray(new Int16Array())); assert.ok(isTypedArray(new Uint16Array())); assert.ok(isTypedArray(new Int32Array())); assert.ok(isTypedArray(new Uint32Array())); assert.ok(isTypedArray(new Float32Array())); assert.ok(isTypedArray(new Float64Array())); assert.ok(isTypedArray(new BigInt64Array())); assert.ok(isTypedArray(new BigUint64Array()));


Simply clone the repo, npm install, and run npm test



What is is-typed-array?

Is this value a JS Typed Array? This module works cross-realm/iframe, does not depend on `instanceof` or mutable properties, and despite ES6 Symbol.toStringTag.

Is is-typed-array popular?

The npm package is-typed-array receives a total of 17,787,804 weekly downloads. As such, is-typed-array popularity was classified as popular.

Is is-typed-array well maintained?

We found that is-typed-array demonstrated a healthy version release cadence and project activity because the last version was released less than a year ago.It has 2 open source maintainers collaborating on the project.

Last updated on 02 Nov 2022

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