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`jest-docblock` is a package that can extract and parse a specially-formatted comment called a "docblock" at the top of a file.


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  • [@jest/cli, jest-config] A seed for the test run will be randomly generated, or set by a CLI option (#13400)
  • [@jest/cli, jest-config] --show-seed will display the seed value in the report, and can be set via a CLI flag or through the config file (#13400)
  • [jest-config] Add readInitialConfig utility function (#13356)
  • [jest-core] Allow testResultsProcessor to be async (#13343)
  • [@jest/environment, jest-environment-node, jest-environment-jsdom, jest-runtime] Add getSeed() to the jest object (#13400)
  • [expect, @jest/expect-utils] Allow isA utility to take a type argument (#13355)
  • [expect] Expose AsyncExpectationResult and SyncExpectationResult types (#13411)


  • [babel-plugin-jest-hoist] Ignore TSTypeQuery when checking for hoisted references (#13367)
  • [jest-core] Fix detectOpenHandles false positives for some special objects such as TLSWRAP (#13414)
  • [jest-mock] Fix mocking of getters and setters on classes (#13398)
  • [jest-reporters] Revert: Transform file paths into hyperlinks (#13399)
  • [@jest/types] Infer type of each table correctly when the table is a tuple or array (#13381)
  • [@jest/types] Rework typings to allow the *ReturnedWith matchers to be called with no argument (#13385)

Chore & Maintenance

  • [*] Update @babel/* deps, resulting in slightly different stack traces for each (#13422)


  • [jest-runner] Do not instrument v8 coverage data if coverage should not be collected (#13282)




jest-docblock is a package that can extract and parse a specially-formatted comment called a "docblock" at the top of a file.

A docblock looks like this:

/** * Stuff goes here! */

Docblocks can contain pragmas, which are words prefixed by @:

/** * Pragma incoming! * * @flow */

Pragmas can also take arguments:

/** * Check this out: * * @myPragma it is so cool */

jest-docblock can:

  • extract the docblock from some code as a string
  • parse a docblock string's pragmas into an object
  • print an object and some comments back to a string


# with yarn $ yarn add jest-docblock # with npm $ npm install jest-docblock


const code = ` /** * Everything is awesome! * * @everything is:awesome * @flow */ export const everything = Object.create(null); export default function isAwesome(something) { return something === everything; } `; const { extract, strip, parse, parseWithComments, print, } = require('jest-docblock'); const docblock = extract(code); console.log(docblock); // "/**\n * Everything is awesome!\n * \n * @everything is:awesome\n * @flow\n */" const stripped = strip(code); console.log(stripped); // "export const everything = Object.create(null);\n export default function isAwesome(something) {\n return something === everything;\n }" const pragmas = parse(docblock); console.log(pragmas); // { everything: "is:awesome", flow: "" } const parsed = parseWithComments(docblock); console.log(parsed); // { comments: "Everything is awesome!", pragmas: { everything: "is:awesome", flow: "" } } console.log(print({pragmas, comments: 'hi!'})); // /**\n * hi!\n *\n * @everything is:awesome\n * @flow\n */;

API Documentation

extract(contents: string): string

Extracts a docblock from some file contents. Returns the docblock contained in contents. If contents did not contain a docblock, it will return the empty string ("").

strip(contents: string): string

Strips the top docblock from a file and return the result. If a file does not have a docblock at the top, then return the file unchanged.

parse(docblock: string): {[key: string]: string | string[] }

Parses the pragmas in a docblock string into an object whose keys are the pragma tags and whose values are the arguments to those pragmas.

parseWithComments(docblock: string): { comments: string, pragmas: {[key: string]: string | string[]} }

Similar to parse except this method also returns the comments from the docblock. Useful when used with print().

print({ comments?: string, pragmas?: {[key: string]: string | string[]} }): string

Prints an object of key-value pairs back into a docblock. If comments are provided, they will be positioned on the top of the docblock.


What is jest-docblock?

`jest-docblock` is a package that can extract and parse a specially-formatted comment called a "docblock" at the top of a file.

Is jest-docblock popular?

The npm package jest-docblock receives a total of 19,162,763 weekly downloads. As such, jest-docblock popularity was classified as popular.

Is jest-docblock well maintained?

We found that jest-docblock demonstrated a healthy version release cadence and project activity because the last version was released less than a year ago.It has 6 open source maintainers collaborating on the project.

Last updated on 14 Oct 2022

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