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Matrix Puppeting Bridge library


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This is a library for easily building puppeting bridges for matrix.

A puppeting bridge is a bridge which logs into a remote account of a service for you (puppeting) and thus allows you to use it via matrix. Matrix will basically act as a client for that remote implementation. Double-puppeting is available, but 100% optional.

In addition to puppeting mode, this library also supports a relay mode: The account of the remote protocol is used as relay bot between the remote protocol and matrix.

Example implementation

  • Echo, this just echos back messages sent to it

Current protocol implementations


  • bridge.md
  • npm run docs


Please note that not all protocol implementations support all features. This is just a feature list of the features available in this library.

  • Plain messages
  • Formatted messages
  • Message edits
  • Message redactions
  • Message reactions
  • Send files/images/videos/audio/etc.
  • Remote user mapping
  • Remote room mapping
  • Remote group mapping
  • Multi-account (many matrix users can start many remote links)
  • Automatic double puppeting
  • Relay mode

Group Mapping

For group mapping to work the homeserver in use has to support groups and group creation. For synapse, you need to set enable_group_creation: true in your homeserver.yaml. After that, in the protocols config.yaml set bridge.enableGroupSync to true.

Relay mode

Relay mode is a mode where the remote puppet acts as a relay bot, rather than a puppeting bot. In relay mode the display name of the author of the message on the matrix side is prepended to the message.

To activate relay mode for a puppet type settype <puppetId> relay. If you want the rooms of said relay to be publicly usable, type setispublic <puppetId> 1.

Be sure to whitelist the users you want to relay, a possible config for to relay everyone could look as follows:

relay: whitelist: - ".*"

Plumbed rooms

In order for plumbed rooms to work the protocol implementation must support global namespace and at least one puppet of relay type has to have been added. In your config you can specify who is able to create plumbed rooms. If everyone should be able to, your config could look as follows:

selfService: whitelist: - ".*"

After that, invite the bridge bot into the matrix room you want to bridge. Then type !<network identifier> bridge <remote room ID>, for example for discord !discord bridge 123456. A protocol implementation may add additional parsing to the remote room ID to allow multiple formats.

Automatic double-puppeting

It can be a hassle to have to tell the bridge what your access token is to enable double-puppeting. To circumvent that automatic double-puppeting is available. Configure your homeserver with matrix-synapse-secret-auth and set the secret for that homeserver in the bridge.loginSharedSecretMap mapping.

Adding of metadata for images, videos and audio

Sent images, video and audio can have metadata added to them, for that make sure that ffprobe is installed in your $PATH. It usually comes bundled with ffmpeg.

Bridging new protocols

To bridge a new protocol only a small amount of features has to be implemented. For examples see the corresponding section. For a full list of available endpoints, see bridge.md.


Not all features need to be implemented by protocol implementations. Here are some features and which hooks are required to get them working:

normal functionalitybotHeaderMsg, getDataFromStr, getDesc
make listusers workinglistUsers
make listrooms workinglistRooms
inject data on user creationcreateUser
inject data on room creationcreateRoom
enable group syncingcreateGroup
initiate 1:1 rooms from the matrix sidegetDmRoomId, createRoom
initiate rooms from the matrix sidecreateRoom
autopopulate rooms with usersgetUserIdsInRoom


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