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React component library for the Bare Metal Installer


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What's Changed

  • Add validation for infraenv ntp sources by @rawagner in
  • Bug 2064179: improve No proxy validation by @rawagner in
  • MGMT-9873: Detect correctly init subnet in case of user manged networking by @rawagner in
  • MGMT-6468 Adding Batch request for clusters by subscription ID by @celdrake in
  • Update NTP sources validation msg by @rawagner in
  • Create formik autosave hook which returns autosave status by @rawagner in
  • Add eslint rule to disallow == by @rawagner in
  • MGMT-5379: Installation progress indication by @DanielleChason in
  • Bug 2073750: Greyed options are clickable and function as if they were not forbid - such as removing a host during install by @ammont82 in
  • Bug 2064179: Improve IP validation to accept also v6 values by @rawagner in
  • Remove trailing . from noProxy validation values by @rawagner in
  • MGMT-9151 Rename API / Ingress VIP to API / Ingress IP by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-9151 Do not use 'Virtual' for IPs - CIM by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-9151 Do not use the term 'Virtual' for IPs by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-9795 Export ClusterDetails extra component by @celdrake in
  • Do not fail if there is no openshift version available by @rawagner in
  • chore: ignores .idea/misc.xml by @jkilzi in
  • MGMT-8285: Implement new UI for dual stack by @jgyselov in
  • Bug 2071607: Properly reset binding/saving state when switching between autosave by @rawagner in
  • Bug 2071750: Fix labeling to correctly assign nmstate to infraEnv by @jtomasek in
  • MGMT-10158: capitalize initialization status by @jkilzi in
  • Updates swagger.yaml by @DanielleChason in
  • MGMT-10157: removes the tech-preview badges by @jkilzi in
  • MGMT-10171: Form fields get invalidated immediately before entering information by @batzionb in
  • Bump async from 2.6.3 to 2.6.4 by @dependabot in
  • chore: enforce @typescript-eslint/no-unused-vars": "error" by @jkilzi in
  • Bug 2071607: Set 1 host as minimum for SNO by @rawagner in
  • MGMT-10212: Avoid false positives checking version features by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-8946: UI switches must display the variant containing the "V" mark by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-10214: Missing TP badge for vSphere by @jkilzi in
  • Update cluster name validation by @rawagner in
  • MGMT-7527: Deprecate old cluster networking fields in the UI by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-9477: Link to day2 cluster is irrelevant for non cloud AI by @jgyselov in
  • Align the new release tag with the commit that bumps the package.json by @jkilzi in
  • Bump cross-fetch from 2.2.3 to 2.2.6 by @dependabot in
  • Fix: Do not set network type automatically by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-9952: Minimum hardware requirements text change by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-10058: Dual Stack should not be offered when hosts have only IPv4 addresses by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-9892: Change copy in CNV popover from "supervisors" to "control-plane node" by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-9891: Align the question mark next to the ARM chebox by @jgyselov in
  • Update release.yaml by @jkilzi in
  • Update release.yaml by @jkilzi in
  • Version v2.4.0 by @jkilzi in
  • NO_ISSUE: Update Swagger types by @celdrake in
  • NO-ISSUE: Removes react-scripts by @jkilzi in
  • MGMT-9638 Replaced api-vip-connected host validation for ignition-dow… by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-10220: Remove the TP badge next to the vSphere by @DanielleChason in
  • MGMT-10402 Show media-connected warning in Discovery step by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-10388 Do not add suffix to network fields in Single Stack by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-10418: Web console URL appears twice in installation page by @DanielleChason in
  • MGMT-8081: UI for static IP by @batzionb in
  • Use import to lodash functions not the entire module - CIM by @celdrake in
  • NO_ISSUE: Prevent full lodash imports by @celdrake in
  • NO-ISSUE: Publish with Yalc after build in dev environment by @jtomasek in
  • MGMT-10185: UI not blocking "localhost" name changing by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-10392 Do not patch if no changes happened by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-9431: First discovered hosts forced to master role instead of auto-assign by @DanielleChason in
  • MGMT-10226 Show ignition-downloadable message by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-10453: Console URL appear only when installation complete by @DanielleChason in
  • Resets the version field to 0.0.0 in master by @jkilzi in
  • NO_ISSUE: Fix build scripts to correctly emit types by @jtomasek in
  • Revert "NO_ISSUE: Fix build scripts to correctly emit types (#1386)" by @jtomasek in
  • MGMT-10485: Static IP shows wrong view after backend failing when filling in wrong ipv6 address by @batzionb in
  • MGMT-9341: Interactive text checker in the cloud by @jgyselov in
  • Revert "MGMT-10226 Show ignition-downloadable message (#1391)" by @jtomasek in
  • MGMT-9917: Make ReleaseImage/openshift_version optional for day2 by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-8673: Improve host status during cluster installation initialization by @DanielleChason in
  • MGMT-10392 Fix broken comparison due to extra array by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-10640: Mismatch between UI and API regarding clustername length by @jgyselov in
  • NO_ISSUE: Uhc Portal card needs WizardContextProvider by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-10596: Hostname validations won't allow for numbering in mass-actions. by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-10579 Fix host status and validations by @jtomasek in
  • MGMT-9432 Allow role edition on Multi-node clusters by @celdrake in
  • Do not run validation after setting setTouched by @rawagner in
  • MGMT-10642: Hostname in UI chars limit is 253 (BE limit is 63) by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-10589: Setting a list of machine_networks in single stack create incorrect UI display (#1422) by @jkilzi in
  • Add initial hypershift wizard implementation by @rawagner in
  • Revert "NO-ISSUE: Publish with Yalc after build in dev environment" by @jkilzi in
  • MGMT-10703: Minimum requirements for SNO disk show 120GB by @jkilzi in
  • Push to protected branches without 3rd party actions by @jkilzi in
  • MGMT-10674: Change the wording of the SNO notification by @DanielleChason in
  • MGMT-10803: Allowing IPv4 machine net CIDRs larger than /25 by @jgyselov in
  • NO_ISSUE: fix dev env problem root caused to new version of esbuild-plugin-d.ts by @batzionb in
  • NO_ISSUE: Remove 'this' in Day2ClusterService by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-10761: Machine network says 2 vailable subnets when only 1 exists by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-10478: Static IP UI IPv4 and IPv6 addresses allow invalid address by @DanielleChason in
  • MGMT-10540: Input validation for interface names in Static IP yaml view by @DanielleChason in
  • MGMT-10610: Enable cluster managed networking on arm installation for 4.11 by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-10377: Progress bar's notifications are now in the same size of the bar by @DanielleChason in
  • MGMT-10860: Checkmark icon visible when switch is turned off by @jkilzi in
  • NO-ISSUE: Fixes the tooltips for disabled CMN/UMN controls by @jkilzi in
  • MGMT-10442: "Operators" is not aligned with the progress bar on zoom 100% by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-9380: Assisted Installer Single Node + Day 2 workers by @jgyselov in
  • NO_ISSUE: Avoid using functionality from Axios > v0.19.x by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-10636 Allow to set-up an SNO with Dual-Stack by @celdrake in
  • NO_ISSUE: Generate errors for eslint - unused vars by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-9454: Allow transforming day1 to day2 in on-prem environment by @jgyselov in
  • Create CODEOWNERS by @jkilzi in
  • Bug 2091825: Change alert text of disconnected hosts by @ammont82 in
  • NO-ISSUE: Add testId to Stack type detail item on the Review page by @jgyselov in
  • Bug 2080711: Change the question mark icons to be gray and not blue by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-8156: Extract strings for localization by @ammont82 in
  • NO_ISSUE Lint fixes by @jtomasek in
  • Update VS Code settings.json file by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-10927 Fix missing OCM validation error shown in pop-over by @celdrake in
  • MGMG-10924 Avoid OlmOperators failing when its value is null and not undefined by @celdrake in
  • NO_ISSUE: reduce eslint warnings by @celdrake in
  • NO-ISSUE: Fix Eslint warnings for no-floating-promises by @celdrake in
  • NO-ISSUE: stop tracking the .idea dir by @jkilzi in
  • fix: CODEOWNERS file location by @jkilzi in
  • MGMT-10394 Remove fallback for mandatory fields by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-10708: Base Domain name - required message - fix by @DanielleChason in
  • MGMT-10918 Discovery ISO to use minimal-iso by default by @celdrake in
  • fix: infraEnvError is now a string by @jkilzi in
  • MGMT-10862: Make use of feature-support-levels for day2 SNO by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-9636: SNO cluster configuration should not include bulk actions by @jgyselov in
  • NO-ISSUE: moves Optional type into typescriptExtensions.ts by @jkilzi in
  • NO-ISSUE: moves new type-guards to typescriptExtensions.ts by @jkilzi in
  • MGMT-11036: Update API for upgrade agent feature by @jhernand in
  • MGMT-11009 Allow adding hosts to upgraded clusters by @celdrake in
  • NO_ISSUE: Fix host assignment by @jgyselov in
  • NO_ISSUE: Remove default translation namespace override by @jtomasek in
  • MGMT-10420: Extra spaces in installation page by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-10958: Hostname 'localhost4.localdomain4' and more should not be valid. by @DanielleChason in
  • MGMT-10888: Container images based on the latest assisted-ui-lib commit by @jkilzi in
  • MGMT-10747: Two different modals for changing a hostname by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-10894: Adding IPv6 info in the cluster details section by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-10901: Clean up the networking file structure by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-10208: Creating new clusters with ARM option enabled in the UI by @DanielleChason in
  • MGMT-10476 - Advanced network IPv6 address fields on the Networking step aren't auto populated by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-8156: Extract strings for localization by @ammont82 in
  • Bug 2105357: Fix couple of issues which break CIM create wizard by @rawagner in
  • MGMT-8912: Redesign of "Host Discovery" step by @DanielleChason in
  • MGMT-8156: upadte our CI job to check whether the localization files were updated by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-8156: Fix problems with i18n tests by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-8156: Fix problems with i18n tests (2) by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-8156: Extract strings for localization - followup by @ammont82 in
  • Fix use of React hooks by @mareklibra in
  • Fix SNO Disclaimer display by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-8156: Extract strings for localization - constants by @ammont82 in
  • Hypershift details by @rawagner in
  • MGMT-8156: upadte our CI job to check whether the localization files were updated (only in pull request action) by @ammont82 in
  • Fix label selector by @rawagner in
  • MGMT-10919 - Use Pendo to track stats for vSphere by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-11160: Download ISO alert appears twice by @DanielleChason in
  • MGMT-8156: Adding correct text to plural translations by @ammont82 in
  • Cluster deployment wizard fixes by @jtomasek in
  • Improve agent -> agentMachine -> nodepool detection by @rawagner in
  • Remove border lines from table to clean up the UX by @rawagner in
  • Add filtering of supported OCP versions for hypershift by @rawagner in
  • MGMT-10629 Show Kubeconfig download button only once by @celdrake in
  • Get VIPs from ACI's status primarily by @rawagner in
  • MGMT-9612: [UI] Add an option to upload hosts using BMCs in mass by @ammont82 in
  • Update wording and spacing for BMC dialogs by @jtomasek in
  • MGMT-9612: [UI] Update size of Add Bmc Host modal by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-10405 UI changes for schedulable masters by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-11227 - Fix single-stack validation message by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-10987: ODF is recommended in SNO, although it's disabled by @DanielleChason in
  • MGMT-10944 - SNO cluster should not allow adding more than 1 static IP configuration by @jgyselov in
  • Configure eslint rule for auto-closing tags by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-10953 Show beta versions as unsupported by @celdrake in
  • NO_ISSUE: Set max allowed Linting warnings to 333 by @celdrake in
  • Do not display bullet if conditions dont apply by @celdrake in
  • Remove unnecessary space in i18n keys by @rawagner in
  • Changes in download template of upload hosts usings BMCs in mass modal by @ammont82 in
  • Expose API publishing strategy by @rawagner in
  • MGMT-11345 Wait until infraEnv is received to display Image config by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-1344 iso download timing by @celdrake in
  • Revert "Version v2.7.1" by @jkilzi in
  • MGMT-11384 Fix wrong ISO Url being displayed by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-11392: New cluster creation failed when OCP v4.11 is selected by default (#1551) by @jkilzi in
  • BZ2090999: Validate BMC protocols for disabled network provision by @mareklibra in
  • MGMT-9659: Clarify on the Host Discovery instructions by @DanielleChason in
  • Feature/storage step by @celdrake in
  • Static IP UI form view with vlans generates wrong nmstate yaml by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-11545 show correct disk storage by @celdrake in
  • BZ 2116744: Fix typo "alphanumberic" -> "alphanumeric" by @jelkosz in
  • BZ2111951 Update network type labels by @jtomasek in
  • Use correct unit for BMC yaml upload file size limit by @jtomasek in
  • Change networking cluster deployment wizard step label to 'Networking' by @jtomasek in
  • Enable seting host installation disk by @jtomasek in
  • Fix discovery type column in hosts table by @jtomasek in
  • BZ 2110308: Add validation of nodepool name uniqness by @rawagner in
  • Refactor CIM ClusterDetailsFormFields by @jtomasek in
  • Add InfoAndTroubleshooting notification by @jtomasek in
  • BZ 2112326: Do not filter out labels by default by @rawagner in
  • Add help text for Hypershift Hosts namespace field by @rawagner in
  • Agent based installation does not require node CSR approval by @jtomasek in
  • MGMT-11522: Host role is editable after install by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-11462 - "Not able to access the Web Console?" shows undefined instead of IPs by @jgyselov in
  • Fix typos in i18n msgs by @rawagner in
  • MGMT-11722: In the validation message looks like there is a missing space in between the words by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-11559: Not allow role editing in the Networking step by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-11747: Add space beween information links by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-11346 - Mass host rename - typing a long name causing the preview element to be unaligned by @jgyselov in
  • Use a unique test-id for the number of disks by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-11626: can't accept broadcast IP and network address for defaul gateway by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-11032 - Disk encryption UI/UX improvements by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-11436: The pop-up disappears quickly in the Storage table by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-11447:Misleading UI message 'configure your DNS or alternatively' by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-10942 Always show confirmation if switching to YAML in host config by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-9477 - Link to day2 cluster is irrelevant for non cloud AI by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-10943 - Prefix length and VLAN ID stepper allows invalid values to be entered by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-8745 - Do not mention "out of scope" when cluster expansion is not possible by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-10585 - No need DNS for IPv6 on Static network configurations in case Dual Stack by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-10986 Keeping DHCP off by default by @celdrake in
  • Update OperatorsProgressItem.tsx by @jkilzi in
  • MGMT-11522: Host role is editable after install - followup by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-11529: Static IP - When going back from discovery to static IP view - UI doesn't store hosts' ip addresses by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-11434: Add an inline notification when all hosts originated from the same platform by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-11626: If getAddressObject returns null then the validation not passes by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-8776: Feature/operators step by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-11796 - Day2 screen shows errors by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-11627: We accept both: broadcast IP and network address for host IP by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-11577: Take OCP version from OCM when creating day-2 infraenv/cluster by @jgyselov in
  • Solving problems with cluster name validation by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-11528 - Renaming option under Hosts' network configuration by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-11537 - Mass host-name change helper text is not correct by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-11340 - Mass host rename - UI shows localhost4 as valid name by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-11571 storage table in host discovery by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-11681 - Static IP flow - yaml form - "Add another mapping" should be renamed to "Add another MAC to interface name mapping" by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-11800 - Adding a cluster tag for SaaS by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-11916: UI always shows "vSphere integration" as enabled due to API change by @jkilzi in
  • MGMT-11814 Display FieldArray errors with getRichTextValidation by @celdrake in
  • Enforce TS type definition name conventions by @celdrake in
  • MGMT 11904: Change the look and position of the 'View cluster events' button by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-11313: text is not aligned by @jkilzi in
  • Add back missing labelsToArray helper function by @jtomasek in
  • MGMT-11858 Avoid separate requests when toggling DHCP by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-11962 Fix problems with polling by @ammont82 in
  • Bug 2118545: Hosts in added-to-existing-cluster are considered installed by @jtomasek in
  • MGMT-11687 - Static IP form view generates vlan nmstate yaml with unnecessary ethernet interface by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-11005 LVM operator by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-11628 - "Add hosts" button is confusing in the static network configurations by @jgyselov in
  • Sync API types with UI's by @celdrake in
  • Bug 2119340: Consider progressing condition when calculating hypershift status by @rawagner in
  • Bug 2125234: Fix supported versions config map format by @rawagner in
  • Bug 2126853: Update link to CIM prerequisities by @jtomasek in
  • MGMT-10110 Readonly cluster by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-11643: Problems with validations in Vlan ID field in a cluster with static IP and vlan configuration by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-10026:Allow user to skip formatting of bootable disks by @ammont82 in
  • Use host/bmh status to determine infra env hosts tab warning by @jtomasek in
  • Bug 2125584: Notify user about pending validations in day2 operations by @rawagner in
  • Fix: typo in VIP Control Group by @jgyselov in
  • BZ-1957298: host progress stages retrieved from API are not matching for the Day 2 flow by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-11654 - Need to show (?) with pop over for the Mac to interface name mapping section heading by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-11614: Allow dot to be used in the cluster name by @jtomasek in
  • Fix i18n script - revert changes by @ammont82 in
  • Removes a leading space from a string in CIM by @jkilzi in
  • MGMT-12132: Change message of skip formatting disks warning by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-11734 - "Hosts not showing up?" DHCP text need to be updated by @jgyselov in
  • Fix: Remove duplicate DNS field by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-11464: Adding Learn More for NMState by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-11548: Add inline info message for Static IP view chooser by @celdrake in
  • NO_ISSUE consistent validation message by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-12121: Add developer preview release next to matching OpenShift releases. by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-11645: Multi DNS for static ip Nmstate by @celdrake in
  • Bug 2130919: Show progressing icon for Falsy conditions when hosted cluster is sti… by @rawagner in
  • Bug 2131292: Enhance version calculation from releaseImage by @jtomasek in
  • MGMT-12121 Fix invalid comparison to enable ARM for OpenShift versions by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-11268: Add Nutanix platform type by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-9245: Remove ellipses on host discovery by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-9246: Removing traces of OCS by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-11294 default network type on creation by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-8762 - Non informative message in an inline alert regarding illegal hostname by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-10626: Add reclaiming and reclaiming-rebooting host states by @mareklibra in
  • MGMT-12275 Fix logic to determine platform integration by @celdrake in
  • NO-ISSUE: useManagedDomains hook doesn't need ClusterDetailsService by @jkilzi in
  • MGMT-12094: Remove unnecessary calls to the get hosts api by @jkilzi in
  • Fix id generation for skip formatting disks checkboxes by @ammont82 in
  • Problems in SNO clusters when changing role to installation disk on formattable disks by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-11914: Add release notes link to exposed releases by @ammont82 in
  • Fix TS errors related to PR 1667 by @ammont82 in
  • Delete modal by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-8156: Add Korean, Japanese and simplified Chinese translation files by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-12347 "Integrate with platform" is enabled and checked while no discovered hosts in cluster by @jgyselov in
  • Fix: Unable to select Boot drive when adding a new node by @ammont82 in
  • Fix: Adding Hosts is disabled for SNO clusters when AI deployed on-prem. by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-12424: Wrong patch request when platform integration is disabled by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-12308: Adding additional requirements in minimum hardware modal by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-12321 - VMware SNO cluster - "Integrate with platform..." toggle is disabled with no explanation by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-11877 Day2 support for Multi-arch and Static IP configuration #1705 by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-11369 - Hosts table overflows from its container's space by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-10940 - Missing disabled field tooltip of static IP configuration by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-12335 - Next and back buttons should be aligned with cluster status in readonly by @jgyselov in
  • BZ2132382 Rephrase SSH hint by @mareklibra in
  • BZ2131944 Host installation progress counts by @mareklibra in
  • BZ2131706: Fix NodePool Remove button label by @mareklibra in
  • BZ2131697: Rephrase Host labels filter for NodePools by @mareklibra in
  • BZ2117507: Rephrase InfraEnv yaml-create error message by @mareklibra in
  • BZ2119586: Hypeshift NetworkStep accepts initialValues as props by @mareklibra in
  • BZ2131698: Rephrase namespace for node pools by @mareklibra in
  • New forbid module import by @celdrake in
  • BZ2131694: Fix calculating maximum hosts for nodepools by @mareklibra in
  • BZ2136106: CIM - UI validation for overlapping CIDRs by @mareklibra in
  • MGMT-12367: Disable machine network select field while calculating API IP and ingress IP by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-12536: Skip sending a PR to assisted-ui when a new CIM release is created by @jkilzi in
  • Remove duplicate imports by @guillaumevincent in
  • MGMT-11476: elements under advanced networking should be slightly indented by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-11432 : Add new line in use advanced networking before " Cluster network host prefix" text by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-11400 - Need update message about Add Host in case integration by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-11562: Better message when an infraenv cannot be retrieved by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-12506 - Improve the UI message for day-2 CSR approval by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-12536: Skip sending a PR to assisted-ui when a new CIM release is created (Fix) by @jkilzi in
  • MGMT-10730 - Pull-secret error message should be reviewed and fixed by @jgyselov in
  • Do not patch pull secret in discovery ISO modal by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-12311: LMV + CNV fixes by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-12597: Update the user instructions link in the UI for Nutanix post deployment by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-11964: Change the CPU architecture popover message for multiarch clusters by @ammont82 in
  • Replace console-sdk-ai-lib with @openshift-console/dynamic-plugin-sdk by @rawagner in
  • MGMT-12583: Hypershift: Use supported ocp version in formik init values by @rawagner in
  • MGMT-12578: Role selection is cut because of an inner scroll bar by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-11636: Align the styles for tables in different pages (host discovery, storage, networking) by @ammont82 in
  • Add multiarch support for CIM by @jtomasek in
  • MGMT-8407 - hosts table role column styling issues by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-12382 - Nutanix cluster - Trying to enable DHCP for vips returns "The DHCP server failed to allocate the IP" by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-10433: Fetch user credentials error in UI change to inline notification when user is not authorized to see credentials by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-12075: Improved error-handling in the UI when the API is unavailable by @ammont82 in
  • Update types to enable correct typechecking on CIM by @jtomasek in
  • MGMT-12451: Configure CIM by @mareklibra in
  • MGMT-12451: Rephrase Cim-enablement texts by @mareklibra in
  • MGMT-12341: Static IP - Change validation of DNS field: broadcast and localhost IPs not allowed by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-12323 - In UI - installation starts and after ~1 min UI "jumps" back to operators page by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-12451: Fix create AgentClusterConfig by @mareklibra in
  • BZ2117507: Unify look of errors in Upload by YAML by @mareklibra in
  • Bug: 2120954 Don't allow using dots in cluster name by @jtomasek in
  • MGMT-12704 - Show "soft-validations" as info-alerts instead of warnings by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-11963 - Improve the way we show Minimum HW Requirements, hosts not showing up, and check VM boot order in AI by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-9677 - Hosts are not sorted in discovery hosts by @jgyselov in
  • Adding translations for ja, zh, ko - fixed by @rh-tchuang in
  • MGMT-12451 Rephrase text by @mareklibra in
  • MGMT-12842 - Validation text from BE causing the popup box to get out of the window border by @jgyselov in
  • Add a tooltip to infra env hosts tab warning icon by @jtomasek in
  • MGMT-11370 - After discovery, if deleting all discovered hosts UI still allows to continue to networking and R&C pages by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-11862: When autosave is running, the Back button should be disabled by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-12921: Add i18n to UploadField component by @mareklibra in
  • BZ2132012: remove version from NodePool screen by @mareklibra in
  • MGMT-12887: Host inventory settings use binary Gi unit by @mareklibra in
  • MGMT-12590 Use Jira for customer bug reports by @mareklibra in
  • MGMT-12917: Fix listing of versions from clusterimageset releaseImage by @jtomasek in
  • MGMT-12898: Show dualstack data on the Cluster Detail page by @mareklibra in
  • MGMT-12930: Mising i18n for "Required field" error msgs by @mareklibra in
  • MGMT-12497: UI doesn't patch when switching from UMN to CMN, thus cluster still stays with UMN = true by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-12386 - Can create Nutanix 4.10 cluster with "Integrate with platform" enabled and checked by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-11557: Change style in storage table when all nodes were expanded by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-9203: Support serving images with iPXE by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-12658 Change platform integration label by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-12072: handle unkown server errors by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-12860: Allow fixing cluster with an invalid selected machine network by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-12993 multi issues by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-12756 cluster name cannot use dot by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-12297: Add trusted certificates in "Add hosts" modal by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-12657 - Multiple DNS servers - explain the option better to the user by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-9722 - Redesign the review and create step by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-12297: Change popover message for trusted certificates by @ammont82 in
  • NO_ISSUE: Fix TS errors by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-12382 - Nutanix cluster - Trying to enable DHCP for vips returns "The DHCP server failed to allocate the IP" by @jgyselov in
  • NO_ISSUE: Fix casing for data-testid by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-13037 Make link generic based on PlatformType by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-9722 Preflight validations with better spacing by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-11964: Change text multi for "Multiple CPU architectures" by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-11041: Enhance Add-hosts tab features by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-13054 Fix feature support in CIM by @jtomasek in
  • MGMT-13046: Add missing translation for console dialog by @jtomasek in
  • MGMT-13087: Not show nutanix message in host discovery step when nutanix is not supported by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-13062: Change alert in odf installations about formatting installation disks by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-12952: LVMO operator is going to be renamed to LVMS in 4.12 (master) by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-13153: Add router-type to assisted-image-service Route by @mareklibra in
  • MGMT-13108: Fix listing IPv6 CIDRs for Hypershift by @mareklibra in
  • Update axios version according to OCM by @mareklibra in
  • MGMT-12952: LVMO operator is going to be renamed to LVMS in 4.12 - followup by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-13087: Not shown nutanix message when nutanix is not supported - followup by @ammont82 in
  • Bump json5 from 1.0.1 to 1.0.2 by @dependabot in
  • MGMT-13060 Display "Platform Integration" in new "Review & Create" page by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-12825 Use new Github actions updated to Node16 by @celdrake in
  • Deprecates single-cluster mode by @jkilzi in
  • Translation updated for Japanese, Korean and Chinese by @rh-tchuang in
  • MGMT-13103: Block UMN option in case we're in nutanix platform by @ammont82 in
  • NO_ISSUE: Day1 iso name by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-13241: Use infraEnv to detect the clusters Cpu Architecture by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-13109: Cluster update - send only allowed fields by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-13257: Correct name for LVMS operator, not ODF prefix by @celdrake in
  • TypeScript fixes by @mareklibra in
  • Fixes Typescript 4 errors - part 1 by @celdrake in
  • NO_ISSUE: Ignore everything inside apps dir but assisted-ui by @jkilzi in
  • MGMT-13347 Fix pull secret modal dialog by @jtomasek in
  • Fixes Typescript 4 errors - part 2 by @celdrake in
  • Fix typescript 4 errors part 3 by @celdrake in
  • Correct deprecated translation exports by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-13460: Correct validations of ipv6 addresses by @celdrake in
  • Fix typescript 4 errors part 4 by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-11676 - The entered values are lost when we toggle between ipv4/dual stack by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-13028 - Show only enabled operators in the Review and create summary by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-13093: Change ODF requirements link url by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-13134 - Cluster name box echo all characters when overlimit by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-13261: Fix ARM detection always by @celdrake in
  • Fix useInfraEnv() for missing clusterId (new cluster flow) by @mareklibra in
  • Fix latest Typescript 4 errors by @celdrake in
  • Make new info optional in common FeatureSupportLevelData by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-13428: Add missing title to OpenShift version by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-13470 - Allow support for both LVMO and LVMS depending on Openshift version by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-13489: UI won't get stuck with IP with suffix by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-11073: Block hostname field while action is in progress by @celdrake in
  • Hostnames over 64 characters are not allowed by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-13226 - Tooltip should not appear when user hovers over the informational question mark by @jgyselov in
  • NO-ISSUE: Fix table console errors by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-13218 - NTP textbox accepts many chars and duplication by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-13572: Allow deletion of first Static IP host if not also last by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-12502: Remove dead code about OpenShift support end date by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-12901- Align the section title for 'IPv4 / Dual-stack' selection in Static network configurations and Networking steps in AI wizard by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-13395: Void the infraEnv cache for a cluster if there is a miss by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-12788: Change internet protocol version control to radio buttons by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-13244 - Add host ssh keys does not allow space or \n for next key by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-13564: Change CPU architecture selection to a Dropdown by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-11805: Give a tool to set discovery password on local discovery iso by @ammont82 in
  • Revert commit PR 1909 by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-13443 - Switch SDN and OVN places by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-13244 - Add host ssh keys does not allow space or \n for next key by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-13652 - Fix machine network label capitalisation by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-13477: Delay isSupportedOpenShiftVersion till data are loaded by @mareklibra in
  • AGENT-513: Single cluster support by @mareklibra in
  • MGMT-13473: Control alerts in Day2 wizard by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-13666 - Change "Validations" to "Checks" by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-11179: Update UX of subnet selector by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-12308: Add additional HW requirements for operators in SNO clusters by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-13662: Show reboot VM content in a modal by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-10941 - Missing "Host specific configurations" header by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-13677: Fix non-production warning only for appropriate versions by @celdrake in
  • Fix errors of restrict template by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-13397: Display the underlying CPU architecture also in ClusterPr… by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-13647: Disable LVM instead of hiding it for < 4.11 by @celdrake in
  • Fix no-unsafe-argument errors by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-9167: Rephrase label in SNO disclaimer by @celdrake in
  • Remove all remaining warnings by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-13788: Show API error message in actions by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-11167: Change validation of DNS name to allow Base Domain without a single dot by @ammont82 in
  • Fix host requirements typo by @jtomasek in
  • MGMT-13745: Translation fixes in Infra environment form by @jtomasek in
  • MGMT-13789: Inline alert message in storage step about bootable disks should include info about read-only disks by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-11768 - Day 2 when having only read permissions to cluster - all fields should be in read only mode by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-13226- Tooltip should not appear when user hovers over the informational question mark (Operators step) by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-12928: Fix incorrect html tags in translations by @jtomasek in
  • Remove unsafe assignment by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-13470 - Allow support for both LVMO and LVMS depending on Openshift version by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-13700: Add learn more link for LVMS operator by @celdrake in
  • Hotfix for data-testid undefined by @jkilzi in
  • MGMT-13855: Base domain field validation causing the UI to get stuck by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-13856: LVMS should be enabled for SNO+ARM clusters by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-13154 - LVMO link hyper element of checkbox is extended until start of Developer Preview button by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-12603 - Network Type selector when there is only 1 valid option by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-13751: Improve validations in additional certificates field by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-13702 - Copy nmstate configuration must be enabled by default by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-13701 - API and Ingress VIPs fields should not allow broadcast IPs by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-13728 - Platform helper text should be reformatted by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-11887 - Discourage / prevent the average user from choosing older z versions by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-13790 - Day2 "set the IP or domain used to reach the cluster" modal closing issues by @jgyselov in
  • Fix misused promises by @celdrake in
  • MGMT-13649 - SNO cluster - R&C page - no API and Ingress IPs info by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-12331 - Remove Format column in the Host discovery page by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-11395 - Improve cluster and hosts deletion experience by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-13783: Link to set iso login password script is not working and text is unclear by @ammont82 in
  • Fix missing key in Openshift version dropdown by @jgyselov in
  • MGMT-13919: Fix spacing between help texts for Hosts by @rawagner in
  • MGMT-13499: Add separate handling for progressing conditions by @rawagner in
  • Propagate agent's spec sync error to status by @rawagner in
  • MGMT-13262: Enable setting host prefix for hypershift clusters by @rawagner in
  • MGMT-13228: Propagate errors from infra env to add host modal by @rawagner in
  • MGMT-13597: Add new IBM CPU Architectures to CPU Architectures dropdown by @ammont82 in
  • MGMT-9907: CIM: Enable setting installation disk by @rawagner in
  • MGMT-9939: CIM: Provide iPXE artifacts in discovery image dialog UI by @rawagner in
  • MGMT-9941: CIM: Allow setting user managed networking for non-SNO clusters by @rawagner in

New Contributors

  • @jhernand made their first contribution in
  • @jelkosz made their first contribution in
  • @guillaumevincent made their first contribution in

Full Changelog:



Assisted Installer User Interface Library

React component library for

Please note, the project's upstream has been renamed and moved from mareklibra/facet-lib to in December 2020.

NPM JavaScript Style Guide


npm install --save openshift-assisted-ui-lib or yarn add openshift-assisted-ui-lib



This project depends on the following package

  • sudo dnf install -y inotify-tools


You can use the following steps in order to set up your dev environment.

  1. Create a parent directory, e.g. ~/Projects.
  2. Create your own fork of this repo and git clone it.
    • cd ~/Projects git clone
  3. Install the project dependencies:
    • yarn --cwd=./assisted-ui-lib/ install
  4. Fork and clone these projects too, they act as the main app:
    • assisted-ui (a light-weight stand-alone app consuming this project),
    • uhc-portal (the full OCM app, GitLab access needed).
  5. These scripts start the project in watch mode:
    • # Watches for changes in the `/src` folder and bundles the files into `/dist` folder yarn start # Synchronizes `/dist` with `node_modules/openshift-assisted-ui-lib/` folder in . yarn sync-dist
  6. This project uses the assisted-ui project to ease the development experience outside OCM (aka uhc-portal), follow the instructions in those projects in order to access the app's UI.


To publish a new version of the package to

  1. Create a new branch from master in this repo, called release/v<some-semver-string>.
  2. Draft a new release through GitHub's interface.
  3. Fill the form with the following details:
    1. Tag: v<some-semver-string>
    2. Target branch: release/v<some-semver-string> (same as in step 2 above).
    3. Title: v<some-semver-string>
    4. Description: Generate the release notes automatically (or edit the field manually)

Updating the API types

The types used by Assisted Installer UI are defined in src/common/api/types.ts and they are generated automatically by running yarn update-api.


Increasing the amount of inotify watchers

If you see the following error: Error: ENOSPC: System limit for number of file watchers reached, you will need to increase the number of inotify watchers.
From the terminal run the following commands:

$ sudo sh -c "echo fs.inotify.max_user_watches=524288 >> /etc/sysctl.conf" $ sudo sysctl -p


See i18n for information on our internationalization tools and guidelines





Last updated on 23 Mar 2023

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