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utilities for working with typescript's AST


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Utility functions for working with typescript's AST

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This package consists of two major parts: utilities and typeguard functions. By importing the project you will get both of them.

import * as utils from "tsutils"; utils.isIdentifier(node); // typeguard utils.getLineRanges(sourceFile); // utilities

If you don't need everything offered by this package, you can select what should be imported. The parts that are not imported are never read from disk and may save some startup time and reduce memory consumtion.

If you only need typeguards you can explicitly import them:

import { isIdentifier } from "tsutils/typeguard"; // You can even distiguish between typeguards for nodes and types import { isUnionTypeNode } from "tsutils/typeguard/node"; import { isUnionType } from "tsutils/typeguard/type";

If you only need the utilities you can also explicitly import them:

import { forEachComment, forEachToken } from "tsutils/util";

Typescript version dependency

This package is backwards compatible with typescript 2.8.0 at runtime although compiling might need a newer version of typescript installed.

Using [email protected] might work, but it's not officially supported. If you encounter any bugs, please open an issue.

For compatibility with older versions of TypeScript typeguard functions are separated by TypeScript version. If you are stuck on [email protected], you should import directly from the submodule for that version:

// all typeguards compatible with [email protected]2.8 import { isIdentifier } from "tsutils/typeguard/2.8"; // you can even use nested submodules import { isIdentifier } from "tsutils/typeguard/2.8/node"; // all typeguards compatible with [email protected]2.9 (includes those of 2.8) import { isIdentifier } from "tsutils/typeguard/2.9"; // always points to the latest stable version (2.9 as of writing this) import { isIdentifier } from "tsutils/typeguard"; import { isIdentifier } from "tsutils"; // always points to the typeguards for the next TypeScript version (3.0 as of writing this) import { isIdentifier } from "tsutils/typeguard/next";

Note that if you are also using utility functions, you should prefer the relevant submodule:

// importing directly from 'tsutils' would pull in the latest typeguards import { forEachToken } from 'tsutils/util'; import { isIdentifier } from 'tsutils/typeguard/2.8';



What is tsutils?

utilities for working with typescript's AST

Is tsutils popular?

The npm package tsutils receives a total of 13,707,313 weekly downloads. As such, tsutils popularity was classified as popular.

Is tsutils well maintained?

We found that tsutils demonstrated a not healthy version release cadence and project activity because the last version was released a year ago.It has 1 open source maintainer collaborating on the project.

Last updated on 07 Mar 2021

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