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A read-only Zope3 GroupFolder implementation that reflects groups on an LDAP server. Needs ldappas



================ LDAP GroupFolder

This is an AuthenticatorPlugin that implements a read-only GroupFolder reflecting the groups as defined on an LDAP server. It relies on the registration as a named ILDAPAuthentation utility of an ldappas plugin. It works in tandem with ldappas: ldappas authenticates users, while ldapgroups looks up their groups and adds the users to the groups


>>> from ldappas.authentication import LDAPAuthentication
>>> from zope import component
>>> from ldappas.interfaces import ILDAPAuthentication

>>> users = LDAPAuthentication()
>>> component.provideUtility(users, ILDAPAuthentication, 'ldap-users')

LDAPAuthentication needs an LDAP adapter, registered as a named ILDAPAdapter utility. There's a fake one in the tests module.

>>> from ldapgroups.tests.fakeadapter import FakeLDAPAdapter
>>> adapter = FakeLDAPAdapter()
>>> from ldapadapter.interfaces import ILDAPAdapter
>>> component.provideUtility(adapter, ILDAPAdapter, 'ldap-adapter')

Let's configure the LDAPAuthentication plugin:

>>> users.adapterName = u'ldap-adapter'
>>> users.searchBase = u'ou=users,dc=test'
>>> users.searchScope = u'sub'
>>> users.loginAttribute = u'cn'
>>> users.principalIdPrefix = u'ldap.'
>>> users.titleAttribute = u'sn'

There's no need to fill in the group-related attributes on the LDAPAuthentication plugin, as LDAPGroups uses its own. For the idAttribute, you should use the attribute that yields the Distinguished Name of the user, as LDAP uses this to link users to groups:

>>> users.idAttribute = u'dn'

(For ActiveDirectory, this apparently is 'distinguishedName', so use an LDAP browser to check) There may be a way around this restriction with advanced queries, but is not (yet?) implemented.

Let's get our LDAP GroupFolder up and running

>>> from ldapgroups.groupfolder import LDAPGroups
>>> groups = LDAPGroups(u'ldap-users', u'group.ldap.')
>>> groups.groupsSearchBase = u'ou=groups,dc=test'
>>> groups.groupsSearchScope = u'sub'    
>>> groups.groupTitleAttribute = u'cn'
>>> groups.groupIdAttribute = u'dn'
>>> groups.groupDescriptionAttribute = u'description'

Do some registration tests

groups.getLDAPAuthenticator() == users True users.getLDAPAdapter() == adapter True

Groups can't authenticate

groups.authenticateCredentials({'login':u'Domain Users','password':u'pwd'}) is None True

We can lookup groups as principals

principal = groups.principalInfo(u' Users,ou=groups,dc=test') principal LDAPGroupInformation(u' Users,ou=groups,dc=test') from zope.pluggableauth.interfaces import IPrincipalInfo IPrincipalInfo.providedBy(principal) True

It also provides IReadGroupInformation, which can be used to get the principals

from ldapgroups.interfaces import IReadGroupInformation IReadGroupInformation.providedBy(principal) True principal.principals [u'\xe9 de Chimpansee,ou=users,dc=test', u' Kolibri,ou=users,dc=test']

Container behaviour

len(groups) 2 groups.keys() [u'Administrators', u'Domain Users'] 'Administrators' in groups True groups.has_key('Administrators') True groups.values() [LDAPGroupInformation(u',ou=groups,dc=test'), LDAPGroupInformation(u' Users,ou=groups,dc=test')] groups.items() == zip(groups.keys(), groups.values()) True group = groups['Domain Users'] group LDAPGroupInformation(u' Users,ou=groups,dc=test') group.description u'Users with a domain account' group == groups.get('Domain Users') True groups.get('grupo sportivo') is None True groups['grupo sportivo'] # doctest: +ELLIPSIS Traceback (most recent call last): ... KeyError

Searching{'cn':'Domain Users'}) [u' Users,ou=groups,dc=test']{'cn':'Users'}) []

PAU integration:

Registers them all to the PAU

from zope.pluggableauth.interfaces import IAuthenticatorPlugin component.provideUtility(users, provides=IAuthenticatorPlugin, name='ldap-users') component.provideUtility(groups, provides=IAuthenticatorPlugin, name='ldap-groups')

We also need a credentials plugin that will extract the credentials from the request:

import zope.interface from zope.pluggableauth.interfaces import ICredentialsPlugin

class MyCredentialsPlugin: ... ... zope.interface.implements(ICredentialsPlugin) ... ... def extractCredentials(self, request): ... return request.get('credentials') ... ... def challenge(self, request): ... pass # challenge is a no-op for this plugin ... ... def logout(request): ... pass # logout is a no-op for this plugin

creds = MyCredentialsPlugin() component.provideUtility(creds, name='simple-creds')

Register the principalFactory

import zope.component.event from zope.pluggableauth import factories component.provideAdapter(factories.AuthenticatedPrincipalFactory) component.provideAdapter(factories.FoundPrincipalFactory)

We are finally ready to create a pluggable authentication utility and register the two plugins with it:

from zope.pluggableauth import PluggableAuthentication pau = PluggableAuthentication() pau['ldap-users'] = users pau['ldap-groups'] = groups pau['simple-creds'] = creds pau.credentialsPlugins = ('simple-creds', ) pau.authenticatorPlugins = ('ldap-users', 'ldap-groups')

Let's authenticate some users

from zope.publisher.browser import TestRequest request = TestRequest(credentials={'login': 'Louis Kolibri', 'password': 'louis2000'}) louis = pau.authenticate(request) louis Principal(u' Kolibri,ou=users,dc=test')

Groups are set by the setGroupsForPrincipal event subscriber

louis.groups [] class PrincipalCreatedEvent: ... def init(self, authentication, principal): ... self.authentication = authentication ... self.principal = principal from ldapgroups.groupfolder import setGroupsForPrincipal setGroupsForPrincipal(PrincipalCreatedEvent(pau, louis)) louis.groups [u' Users,ou=groups,dc=test'] component.provideHandler(setGroupsForPrincipal) request = TestRequest(credentials={'login': u'Andr\xe9 de Chimpansee', 'password': 'dreten'}) andre = pau.authenticate(request) andre Principal(u'\xe9 de Chimpansee,ou=users,dc=test') andre.groups [u',ou=groups,dc=test', u' Users,ou=groups,dc=test']

Browser views

There's an ISized adapter available for the zmi view.

from ldapgroups.groupfolder import LDAPGroupSize from zope.size.interfaces import ISized component.provideAdapter(LDAPGroupSize) ISized(group).sizeForSorting() ('item', 2)

The view's iteminfos function gathers all info about the goups in a groupfolder

from ldapgroups.browser.contents import LDAPGroupFolderContents view = LDAPGroupFolderContents(groups, request) view.iteminfos() [{'url': 'Administrators', 'name': u'Administrators', 'size': u'${items} items'}, {'url': 'Domain%20Users', 'name': u'Domain Users', 'size': u'${items} items'}]




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