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The Python dictionary-based mock memcached client library.



The Python dictionary-based mock memcached client library. It does not connect to any memcached server, but keeps a dictionary and stores every cache into there internally. It is a just emulated API of memcached client only for tests. It implements expiration also. NOT THREAD-SAFE. ::

    import memcache
except ImportError:
    import warnings
    import mockcache as memcache
    warnings.warn("imported mockcache instead of memcache; cannot find "
                  "memcache module")

mc = memcache.Client([""])

This module and other memcached client libraries have the same behavior.

from mockcache import Client mc = Client() mc <mockcache.Client {}> mc.get("a") mc.get("a") is None True mc.set("a", "1234") 1 mc.get("a") '1234' mc <mockcache.Client {'a': ('1234', None)}> mc.add("a", "1111") 0 mc.get("a") '1234' mc <mockcache.Client {'a': ('1234', None)}> mc.replace("a", "2222") 1 mc.get("a") '2222' mc <mockcache.Client {'a': ('2222', None)}> mc.append("a", "3") 1 mc.get("a") '22223' mc <mockcache.Client {'a': ('22223', None)}> mc.prepend("a", "1") 1 mc.get("a") '122223' mc <mockcache.Client {'a': ('122223', None)}> mc.incr("a") 122224 mc.get("a") 122224 mc <mockcache.Client {'a': (122224, None)}> mc.incr("a", 10) 122234 mc.get("a") 122234 mc <mockcache.Client {'a': (122234, None)}> mc.decr("a") 122233 mc.get("a") 122233 mc <mockcache.Client {'a': (122233, None)}> mc.decr("a", 5) 122228 mc.get("a") 122228 mc <mockcache.Client {'a': (122228, None)}> mc.replace("b", "value") 0 mc.get("b") mc.get("b") is None True mc <mockcache.Client {'a': (122228, None)}> mc.add("b", "value", 5) 1 mc.get("b") 'value' mc # doctest: +ELLIPSIS <mockcache.Client {'a': (122228, None), 'b': ('value', ...)}> import time time.sleep(6) mc.get("b") mc.get("b") is None True mc <mockcache.Client {'a': (122228, None)}> mc.set("c", "value") 1 mc.get_multi(["a", "b", "c"]) {'a': 122228, 'c': 'value'} mc.set_multi({"a": 999, "b": 998, "c": 997}, key_prefix="pf_") [] mc.get("pf_a") 999 multi_result = mc.get_multi(["b", "c"], key_prefix="pf_") multi_result["b"] 998 multi_result["c"] 997 mc.delete("a") 1 mc.get("a") is None True mc.set("a b c", 123) #doctest: +IGNORE_EXCEPTION_DETAIL Traceback (most recent call last): MockcachedKeyCharacterError: Control characters not allowed mc.set(None, 123) #doctest: +IGNORE_EXCEPTION_DETAIL Traceback (most recent call last): MockcachedKeyNoneError: Key is None mc.set(123, 123) #doctest: +IGNORE_EXCEPTION_DETAIL Traceback (most recent call last): MockcachedKeyTypeError: Key must be str()'s mc.set(u"a", 123) #doctest: +IGNORE_EXCEPTION_DETAIL Traceback (most recent call last): MockcachedStringEncodingError: Key must be str()'s, not unicode. mc.set("a" * 251, 123) #doctest: +IGNORE_EXCEPTION_DETAIL Traceback (most recent call last): MockcachedKeyLengthError: Key length is > ...


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