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DB-API 2.0 interface for Sqlite 3.x




This library takes the SQLite module from Python 3 and packages it as a separately-installable module.

This may be useful for creating SQLite modules capable of working with other versions of SQLite (via the amalgamation option).

Additional features:

  • User-defined window functions (requires SQLite >= 3.25)
  • Flags and VFS an be specified when opening connection
  • Incremental BLOB I/O, bpo-24905
  • Improved error messages, bpo-16379
  • Simplified detection of DML statements via sqlite3_stmt_readonly.
  • Sqlite native backup API (also present in standard library 3.7 and newer).

A completely self-contained binary package (wheel) is available for versions 0.4.1 and newer as pysqlite3-binary. This package contains the latest release of SQLite compiled with numerous extensions, and requires no external dependencies.

Building with System SQLite

To build pysqlite3 linked against the system SQLite, run:

$ python build

Building a statically-linked library

To build pysqlite3 statically-linked against a particular version of SQLite, you need to obtain the SQLite3 source code and copy sqlite3.c and sqlite3.h into the source tree.

# Download the latest release of SQLite source code and build the source
# amalgamation files (sqlite3.c and sqlite3.h).
$ wget \
    -O sqlite.tar.gz
$ tar xzf sqlite.tar.gz
$ cd sqlite/
$ ./configure
$ make sqlite3.c

# Copy the sqlite3 amalgamation files into the root of the pysqlite3 checkout
# and run build_static + build:
$ cp sqlite/sqlite3.[ch] pysqlite3/
$ cd pysqlite3
$ python build_static build

You now have a statically-linked, completely self-contained pysqlite3.

Using the binary package

A binary package (wheel) is available for linux with a completely self-contained pysqlite3, statically-linked against the most recent release of SQLite.

$ pip install pysqlite3-binary


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