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Community-developed Python SDK for the Webex Teams APIs





*Work with the Webex Teams APIs in native Python!*

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With release v1.6 we are wrapping up active development on the v1.x release and shifting our focus to the next major
release v2!  Please see the work-in-progress `Release Plan`_ and contribute your ideas for v2.x enhancements by either
opening enhancement issues_ or by joining our
`webexteamssdk - Webex Teams SDK - Python Community Contributors <>`_ space and posting your
ideas there.


**webexteamssdk** is a *community developed* Python library for working with the Webex Teams APIs.  Our goal is to make
working with Webex Teams in Python a *native* and *natural* experience!

.. code-block:: Python

    from webexteamssdk import WebexTeamsAPI

    api = WebexTeamsAPI()

    # Find all rooms that have 'webexteamssdk Demo' in their title
    all_rooms = api.rooms.list()
    demo_rooms = [room for room in all_rooms if 'webexteamssdk Demo' in room.title]

    # Delete all of the demo rooms
    for room in demo_rooms:

    # Create a new demo room
    demo_room = api.rooms.create('webexteamssdk Demo')

    # Add people to the new demo room
    email_addresses = ["", ""]
    for email in email_addresses:
        api.memberships.create(, personEmail=email)

    # Post a message to the new room, and upload a file
    api.messages.create(, text="Welcome to the room!",

That's more than 6 Webex Teams API calls in less than 23 lines of code (with comments and whitespace), and likely more
than that, since webexteamssdk handles pagination_ for you automatically!

webexteamssdk makes your life better...  `Learn how!`__

__ Introduction_


webexteamssdk does all of this for you:

* Transparently sources your Webex Teams access token from your local environment

* Provides and uses default arguments and settings everywhere possible, so you don't have to think about things like API
  endpoint URLs, HTTP headers and JSON formats

* Represents all Webex Teams API interactions using native Python tools

  * Authentication and Connection to the Webex Teams Cloud ==> **WebexTeamsAPI** "connection object"

  * API Calls ==> Hierarchically organized methods underneath the **WebexTeamsAPI** 'Connection Object'

  * Returned Data Objects ==> Native Python objects

* **Automatic and transparent pagination!**

* **Automatic rate-limit handling!** *(wait|retry)*

* Multipart encoding and uploading of local files

* Auto-completion in your favorite IDE, descriptive exceptions, and so much more...


Installing and upgrading webexteamssdk is easy:

**Install via PIP**

.. code-block:: bash

    $ pip install webexteamssdk

**Upgrade to the latest version**

.. code-block:: bash

    $ pip install webexteamssdk --upgrade


**Excellent documentation is now available at:**

Check out the Quickstart_ to dive in and begin using webexteamssdk.


Are you looking for some sample scripts?  Check out the examples_ folder!

Have a good example script you would like to share?  Please feel free to `contribute`__!

__ Contribution_

Release Notes

Please see the releases_ page for release notes on the incremental functionality and bug fixes incorporated into the
published releases.

Questions, Support & Discussion

webexteamssdk is a *community developed* and *community-supported* project.  If you experience any issues using this
package, please report them using the issues_ page.

Please join the `Python Webex Teams Devs`__ Webex Teams space to ask questions, join the discussion, and share your
projects and creations.

__ Community_


webexteamssdk_ is a community development project.  Feedback, thoughts, ideas, and code contributions are welcome!
Please see the `Contributing`_ guide for more information.


The Webex Teams SDK (webexteamssdk) library started as Cisco Spark API (ciscosparkapi). We updated the library's name in
alignment with Cisco's re-brand of Cisco Spark to Webex Teams. The Cisco Spark API library has been deprecated and is no
longer supported; however, its open-source codebase is still available in the `ciscosparkapi`_ branch of this

The development team may make additional name changes as the library evolves with the Webex APIs published on

*Copyright (c) 2016-2020 Cisco and/or its affiliates.*

.. _Release Plan:
.. _Introduction:
.. _pagination:
.. _Quickstart:
.. _examples:
.. _webexteamssdk:
.. _issues:
.. _Community:
.. _projects:
.. _pull requests:
.. _releases:
.. _the repository: webexteamssdk_
.. _pull request: `pull requests`_
.. _Contributing:
.. _ciscosparkapi:



Did you know?

Socket installs a GitHub app to automatically flag issues on every pull request and report the health of your dependencies. Find out what is inside your node modules and prevent malicious activity before you update the dependencies.


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