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Update ZODB class references for moved or renamed classes.


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zodbupgrade - Upgrade existing databases to match your software
This package provides a tool that automatically identifies and updates
references from persistent objects to classes that are in the process of being
moved from one module to another and/or being renamed.
If a class is being moved or renamed, you need to update all references from
your database to the new name before finally deleting the old code.
This tool looks through all current objects of your database, identifies
moved/renamed classes and `touches` objects accordingly. It creates a single
transaction that contains the update of your database.
Having run this tool, you are then free to delete the old code.
Installing the egg of this tool provides a console script `zodbupgrade` which
you can call giving either a FileStorage filename or a configuration file
defining a storage::
$ zodbupgrade -f Data.fs
$ zodbupgrade -c zodb.conf
Detailed usage information is available:
$ zodbupgrade -h
Custom software/eggs
It is important to install this egg in an interpreter/environment where your
software is installed as well. If you're using a regular Python installation
or virtualenv, just installing the package using easy_install should be fine.
If you are using buildout, installing can be done using the egg recipe with
this configuration::
parts += zodbupgrade
recipe = zc.recipe.eggs
eggs = zodbupgrade
<list additional eggs here>
If you do not install `zodbupgrade` together with the necessary software it
will report missing classes and not touch your database.
Non-FileStorage configurations
You can configure any storage known to your ZODB installation by providing a
ZConfig configuration file (similar to zope.conf). For example you can connect
to a ZEO server by providing a config file `zeo.conf`::
storage 1
And then running `zodbupgrade` using:
$ zodbupgrade -c zeo.conf
- Compress repeated warnings, ignore warnings that are known to come from the
framework (factory PermissionSetting: Allow does not have __name__, can't
check canonical location)
- Provide "offline" updating: read a list of old/new pairs and update pickles
directly without needing the old code
0.1 (2009-06-08)
- First release.


Last updated on 08 Jun 2009

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