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Introducing the New Socket Project Health Reports: Smarter, Faster, and More Intuitive

Our new and improved Project Health Reports are now generally available.

Introducing the New Socket Project Health Reports: Smarter, Faster, and More Intuitive

Mikola Lysenko

Alex Morais

Douglas Coburn

Segun Adebayo

November 7, 2023

We’re super excited to announce the general availability of our new and improved Socket Project Health Reports!

With a laser focus on enhancing the user experience, we've revamped Socket's reports to help security teams and developers navigate and manage open source dependencies with unprecedented ease and efficiency. Here's what you can expect:

A Fresh Look with Simplified Navigation#

Our latest release brings a fresh user interface that streamlines the process of identifying and addressing dependency issues.

We've refined the design and user flow, making it easier than ever to pinpoint potential risks and act on them without delay. It's never been easier to identify, assess, and address potential problems within your projects.

Seamless Transition#

While we're thrilled about the new reports, change can be daunting. That's why we've kept the classic reports accessible during this transition period. Those who prefer the familiar can toggle effortlessly between the new and classic reports.

Introducing Alerts#

What we previously referred to as 'Issues' are now called 'Alerts.' This new terminology better aligns with what are users and customers expect.

In our crisp table format, Alerts are front and center, offering clear insights into your project's health. By default, reports will show all alerts for the Project Health Report that is being viewed.

New Filtering Capabilities#

Filter like a pro with our new capabilities. Whether you're looking for specific alert severities, alert categories, alert types, dependency type (direct or transitive), or manifest files (i.e. npm/PyPI workspaces), the new Project Health Reports make it a breeze to drill down to the exact information you need.

Faster Report Load Times#

We know your time is precious. In the new version of reports, you'll experience significantly faster report load times. We've optimized the performance to ensure that you can access your project health data swiftly and efficiently.

Exciting Roadmap Ahead#

The updates and improvements don’t stop with just this! In the next quarter, we have some exciting developments planned. Watch out for updates to our API, Command Line Interface (CLI), and GitHub bot, all designed to sync align beautifully with the new Project Health Reports. These updates will enhance integration and streamline your workflow, ensuring that your experience remains seamless and efficient.

Ongoing Support for Existing APIs#

Your existing workflows are safe with us. We're committed to supporting the APIs you currently use, ensuring a seamless transition to the latest versions of our tools at your own pace.

Your Projects, Better Managed#

With the new Socket Project Health Reports, we're taking a giant leap in helping you manage your projects and dependencies more effectively.

We're dedicated to offering a seamless experience, whether you prefer the new or classic reports. With upcoming updates on the horizon and continued support for existing APIs, our commitment to enhancing your project health management remains unwavering.

Ready to experience the new standard in dependency management? If you're new, install Socket for GitHub today – it takes just 2 clicks. If you're an existing user, visit your dashboard. We're excited to see how you'll use these tools to improve your open source security.

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