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Socket for GitHub

Secure every GitHub PR from vulnerable and malicious dependencies

Whenever a new dependency is added in a pull request, Socket analyzes the package's behavior and security risk.

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Socket for GitHub

Protecting the best engineering teams in the world

Fast and Easy: 2-Click Install

Socket is the easiest security product you’ve ever installed! ✨


Install the GitHub App

Install the official Socket Security App from the GitHub Marketplace


Select Repositories

Choose the repositories you want to Socket to automatically protect


Enjoy the protection

Socket will automatically analyze your projects and keep them secure

Read the GitHub docs

Socket is one of the most interesting approaches to supply chain security. If you are interested in the risks of malicious deps in your apps, I definitely recommend taking a look at Socket!

Devdatta Akhawe

Security and Production Engineering at Figma

Why use Socket for GitHub

Complete security of your projects in every GitHub PR

Create project health reports

Socket creates a project health report for your project. Uploads your package.json or package-lock.json

Secure your PR workflow

Run Socket on your CI/CD pipeline to create branches and deploy requests. Socket will create a report for you to review

Lookup package risks

Socket allows you look up supply chain risks for given version of a package in the ecosystem registry

We help security teams work more efficiently

Cut through the noise and focus on real threats.

Get actionable alerts for the supply chain risks that matter. Socket highlights risky dependencies directly within the developer workflow.

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