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This executable provides an HTTP server that watches for file system changes to .go files within the working directory (and all nested go packages). Navigating to the configured host and port in a web browser will display the latest results of running `go test` in each go package.


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# SMARTY DISCLAIMER: Subject to the terms of the associated license agreement, this software is freely available for your use. This software is FREE, AS IN PUPPIES, and is a gift. Enjoy your new responsibility. This means that while we may consider enhancement requests, we may or may not choose to entertain requests at our sole and absolute discretion.

GoConvey is awesome Go testing

[![Build Status](](

Welcome to GoConvey, a yummy Go testing tool for gophers. Works with `go test`. Use it in the terminal or browser according to your viewing pleasure.

GoConvey supports the current versions of Go (see the official Go
[release policy]( Currently
this means Go 1.16 and Go 1.17 are supported.


- Directly integrates with `go test`
- Fully-automatic web UI (works with native Go tests, too)
- Huge suite of regression tests
- Shows test coverage
- Readable, colorized console output (understandable by any manager, IT or not)
- Test code generator
- Desktop notifications (optional)
- Immediately open problem lines in [Sublime Text]( ([some assembly required](

You can ask questions about how to use GoConvey on [StackOverflow](,go&title=GoConvey%3A%20). Use the tags `go` and `goconvey`.


- [Installation](#installation)
- [Quick start](#quick-start)
- [Documentation](#documentation)
- [Screenshots](#screenshots)
- [Contributors](#contributors)


	$ go install

[Quick start](

Make a test, for example:

package package_name

import (
    . ""

func TestSpec(t *testing.T) {

	// Only pass t into top-level Convey calls
	Convey("Given some integer with a starting value", t, func() {
		x := 1

		Convey("When the integer is incremented", func() {

			Convey("The value should be greater by one", func() {
				So(x, ShouldEqual, 2)

#### [In the browser](

Start up the GoConvey web server at your project's path:

	$ $GOPATH/bin/goconvey

Then watch the test results display in your browser at:


If the browser doesn't open automatically, please click [http://localhost:8080](http://localhost:8080) to open manually.

There you have it.
As long as GoConvey is running, test results will automatically update in your browser window.

The design is responsive, so you can squish the browser real tight if you need to put it beside your code.

The [web UI]( supports traditional Go tests, so use it even if you're not using GoConvey tests.

#### [In the terminal](

Just do what you do best:

    $ go test

Or if you want the output to include the story:

    $ go test -v


Check out the

- [GoConvey wiki](,
- [![GoDoc](](
- and the *_test.go files scattered throughout this project.


GoConvey is brought to you by [SmartyStreets]( and [several contributors]( (Thanks!).


Last updated on 28 Jun 2023

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Socket installs a GitHub app to automatically flag issues on every pull request and report the health of your dependencies. Find out what is inside your node modules and prevent malicious activity before you update the dependencies.


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